Watch the Doodle Missy!

Today, we are going to share an often unseen moment in our lives. We groom ourselves once our twice a week and take a suds and bubbles, but sometimes you need a little more than our little minkee mitts can handle. That's when Jen gets out this horribly loud apparatus. It is called a lint remover, and it gets rid of all those little pilly things that we get. It is usually pretty tickley and can be fun, sometimes I even toot to see if you can hear it over the motor.

However, she is NOT, I repeat, NOT, allowed to touch the fro (which both of us are trying to grow out) or our doodles/tail. You know what she did today!!! That's right, she went after my doodle!

'Jen, you know the rules, what do you think you were doing. What, it looked like I had a dingle berry. I like berries, whats the problem. Oh, that's what a dingle berry is. Well, I'm a fuzzy monkey, its bound to happen sooner or later!'



I love snuggle my babies after they are clean and fresh from the tubby. It is one of my favorite times of the day. Do you smell good after your suds & bubbles???

Mama Dawg

I bet you guys smell yummy after your suds and bubbles.


We usually use Jasmine blossom bubble bath. We smell so sweet afterwards. The best part is running around naked while we get dry!

Candid Carrie

That's right people, the minkees just announced that Jen and Brian run around naked until they are dry! No wonder they invested in that new carpet ;)


Seriously funny stuff...
Love the dingle berries...LOVE your blog! So fun to read!

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