Something New

Wait..... Things look a little different around here.... What is going on?  Have aliens taken over?  We know the minkees are gay, but we just thought happy, right?   No seriously, what is going on?!?  

Lex over at Indelible Creations has given us a make over.  We just love her.  She has done some SUPER AWESOME work for us!  It started off simple as a favor to fix our feed and it turned into this.  Banner, mocha color scheme, textured chocolate side bars.  Yummy!!!!!  We don't even like chocolate, but love the theme.  

If you are looking for something new, check her out!  She is fantastic to work with and answers all of you questions (no matter how dumb they sound).  Get in touch with her before she becomes famous.



The new look is fabulous!


Woah! Quite the makeover indeed, I lurve it. I'd go as far as to say it's rather fancy.

Candid Carrie

Oh my gosh, this so amazingly awesome. I can say I knew them when they were using a traditional blogger template!


Wow, I love the new look with the same funny minkeys.

It is the same Minkeys, RIGHT?


I love it! I've been itching for a change too, but I'm not sure it will turn out as nice as yours....


I am so glad everyone likes the new look. Yes, they are the same monkeys, well mostly. Occasionally a body part or two needs to be replaced.

This Mom

I LOVE IT. It looks very Professional. Does that mean you are going to have clean things up, it hope not.

Mama Dawg

I LOVE it!!!

So much so, next pay day, I think I might get in touch with her to get me a bloggie makeover!

Thanks for the link and it looks great! Perfect for your little monkeys.

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