Friday Foto Finish Fiesta 7.18

This is one of my favorite photos of Bernardo. I love the blue ears. My husband actually cut them from an old pair of gloves he found. I just love it. Plus you get a rare half glimpse of the minkee creator. I hesitated posting this one because I am in it.
I simply love the photo though. And no, I'm not pissed off, I just look that way. Also, I have that weird pinky thing that has kept me from ANTM (America's Next Top Model)

If you missed out earlier in the week, make sure to check out the Doowop Twins!



Wait now I'm confused! You guys are simply puppets and somebody else is pulling the string?

Mama Dawg

Lovely ear covers. They must keep his ears really warm during the winter time.


Your nails look great! As does Bernardo, of course.


I don't think you look mad, you look happy to be holding Bernardo the minkee. He is very sweet looking!


My son calls the pinky thing Poodle Manners. Something to think about. (I'm not sure what that means).

Judy Haley

i heart bernardo


Wow...to me that pinky makes the picture...you should do a spiff just on the pinky! :)


Those are some pretty fingers and nails, and the Minkee is adorable.


Very cute!

Visiting from Candid Carrie


cute pic!


Came in from Candid Carrie--cute blog!! Who knew sock monkeys could get into so much during the day :)


hee hee Teri said "poodle manners"!


Cool ear muffs, Bernardo.

I like your nails, Bernardo's Mom!


Hi guys! I thought I'd pop in for another contribution to Ask A Monkey:

Guillermo, if Chef Cory was abducted by aliens, and I kicked my husband to the curb, and you are up to being step-monkey to three adorable kids, and the geographical distance between us was, say, less than 200 miles, and I gave Jen & Brian a sizeable dowry -- if all that, would you marry me?


P.S. Bernardo, please don't feel slighted, I just don't think I could make it work with someone more mature than me.

P.S.S. This is like the 4th comment I've left on this post. I'm going to look into getting a life.

Candid Carrie

J E N 7 2 1 --


Your stuff is showing in my sidebar! You fixed it, you really really fixed it!

Or did one of your students fix it.

And that is your regular face? Are you sure? You look irritable. I actually seems like you are using that poor little minkee as a shield to Brian's continuous advances.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for entering stuff for me! If I can ever minkee sit or meet you half way between our two cities when you are out making personal appearances, that would be really cool. I know what your regular face looks like now so I could find you so much easier. You could teach me how to knit and dance and be healthy. Aah. I could be as cool as you.

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