Hats are just awesome!

Being monkeys we always find joy in the little things in life, and today was NO exception!

While digging through/cleaning out Brian's closet we found these little doosies!  Leather 'hats' from Morocco that have been hand stamped!  Aren't we smokin' hot in these?!?  I wonder what else we can find if we keep digging in there.....

Don't we look awesome!

Monkeys you look like the Popes of banana town!

Are you going to give Brian his shoes back?


What the?!?

Um, we woke up to a very strange sight this morning.  We didn't know if we could approach the strange creatures without coming into harms way.

These weird tiny creatures have been staring at us blankly all day.  Guillermo tried giving them a welcome toot, but they didn't budge.  

After much curiosity we decided to ask our Creator what was going on in the living room and if this strange visit would be over soon.

Apparently these little fellas are adaptations from a chuthulu pattern from the book Creepy Cute Crochet.  They will be given as gifts to her 8th grade advisory class to remember all of the good times we had in class!

We just say thank you Jeebus that these cute, yet creepy, guys are leaving in the morning!


Horseback Riding

In our spare time we like to get out and get some fresh air.  This time we tried our hands at horseback riding.  Since we are little fellas we decided to start out small and ride the horse Jen made for her niece.

Bernardo had a great time trotting around field.  He was  a bit uneasy at first, but once he got the hang of it he was ready to enter a competition!

Guillermo was more about the photo ops.  Prior to this shot, Pleeps was riding sidesaddle along with G-mo.  I am sure you can tell what happened!

Pleeps got back on and gave it the old college try and had a fantastic time!  He is thinking about entering jockey school so h e can ride a 'big stallion'.  I hope he knows what he is getting into!!!

And if you are curious about why they have on their jams, they were worried about chaffing.  (Or sharting of the horse in one monkeys case.....)


It's been a while

Holy cow, it's been almost 6 months since our last post.  We wish we could say a lot has happened, but truth be told we have been just been hanging around the house being monkeys!  Sure, we took a couple adventures (One with Pleepleus that we need an NC17 rating for), but for the most part we have been homebound.  We shall return to our regular program tomorrow.  As for now, we need to do some grooming and get ready for our public.  

Its about time for some haircuts.....

Peace out, and see you VERY soon!!!!!

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