Are we seeing things????

What in the world is that thing?!?  Where did it come from?!?  Is that a pink elephant???  Guillermo check it out!
Be careful man.... You don't know what that thing is or what it will do to you....
What the?!?  It just disappeared.... May be shouldn't have gotten into the eggnog last night.  You did see that, right?!?
Maybe we should go back to bed for a bit, just to be sure.... pink elephants, what's next a snail invasion.....


Happy Turkey Day!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!  We are just finishing up some delicious pie Jen's mom made and a beer and wanted to wish you all well on this most festive day.

Hope you enjoyed spending time with family and friends, ate to your hearts content and celebrated all the things you are thankful for.  For all our friends and family no longer with us or out of our area we wish you well and are better minkees for knowing you and having you in our lives.  We would like to send an extra special shout out to the newly 'official volunteer' in Morocco.  We are thinking of you and sending you our thoughts, prayers, and love.   (Guillermo is keeping a jar of farts for you, but we won't let him send it.  We don't want Morocco to become a biohazardous zone! hee hee...)

Minkees out.


Oops..... Little problem Jen...

There was a minor flaw when Guillermo was 'reborn' the other day.  His eyes and ears were actually touching.  It was kinda weird looking, but an easy fix.  However, don't leave a minkee on the couch and leave the room because it can create some confusion.....

Bernardo about pooped his britches when he came across this.  He thought that there was some strange ear stealing serial killer in the house and he was going to be the next victim.  Silly minkee! 

We explained to Bernardo that I was fixing his ears and he settled down right away.  By the way, do you like my sparkly mala around Bernardo's neck?  They are really attracted to shiny things.  I just wish he would give it back.....


Introducing B-Man & G-mo 3.0

Yes, you read that blog title correctly folks. You know the song All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth. Well, these guys asked for new bodies. Their heads were getting a bit too floppy, their ears warn out from too many ear rubs, Bernardo had a weird sunken chest, they were getting pilly, etc. So, it was their time to be recreated. Don't worry, they are the same mikees they have always been. We did a little 'essence' swapping last night, attached the old eyes to the new bodies and voila, this:Isn't B-man even cuter with a bigger, fuller tummy and chest! Guillermo's new body is a bit stinky, he thought the 'essence' transfer indicated the need to fart on his new body all of last week. So, it was a bit of stinky overload. Bernardo even tried out his new body and found with the bigger tummy, it was easier to (push out a) fart. With that said, I found them in front of the mirror when I got home from work today preening themselves, grooming, comparing doodle size, etc. What they are most excited for is showing off the new bods during tonight's Triple D staring our favorite:
I don't have the heart to tell them that Guy can't see them... By the way, that is actually a photo taken of the TV. Doesn't it look like I was really there?!? I better get going to make sure those two aren't up to no good. Minkee, I mean Jen out!


Friday Foto Finish 11.21.08 - Look what we found in the unders drawer!

Ok Carrie, you asked for it..... I figured I better deliver!

Look what we found in Jen's unders drawer!

Who knew this would be so much fun to play with! I wonder what it is?


Hide and seek

Playing hide and seek is one of our favorite past times. We often try to hide from Jen when she comes home from work so she has to find us. I am the better hider, I think. Unfortunately, I get a little too giggly and gassy and found easily.....Bernardo, well.... He doesn't always like to play along. However, he was really trying hard to fit into Jen's tiny purse he just ran out of time when she walked in the room. Apparently, the sound of my butt alerted her to look in here. Sorry B-man. Hope you can find a better hiding place next time.

Oh, yes there will be a next time!!!!!


A trip to the doctors office.....

Ever sit in the doctors office wondering what to do? Well, Jen scheduled 2 appointments in one day and took us along for the ride. The first one was to the 'lady' doctor and she wouldn't take us in... I guess its 'cause we are boys and wouldn't understand all the 'stuff' that goes on. (she should have taken us, she would have had something to do while sitting there.)

We did get to go to her other appointment. We lounged around on this big comfy pillow, but we tend to get bored easily, and.....

Well, what did you expect? Two monkeys in a doctor's office with a blood pressure cuff. You are lucky the doctor came in right away, we were headed towards the tongue depressors and the giant jar of Q-tips. We didn't have nearly enough time to play. Next time we will have to get some better photos!!!


Laundry day finds!

Holy crappers Batman, look what we found in the laundry!!!!!
These little gems of awesomeness were just in there waiting for us to find. It took some digging, but when Jen said she saw money in the basket when it was coming out of the dryer we had to go for it! B-man went to town and started throwing all the clothes out going for the cash. I got a little side tracked by putting socks on my head (go figure) I was looking for the dryer sheet anyway. Added bonus, we have another dollar in our minkeebank!!! What should a minkee buy.....


Friday Foto Finish 11.14.08

This is what I came home to today sitting on the couch:

Don't the look as snug as bugs in a rug. Apparently they are getting rested up for a night of Gordan Ramsay and Kitchen Nightmares.... getting ready to 'put some sauce on it'

Don't forget to visit Candid Carrie to play along.


Helpful Minkees

Today, Jen is getting ready for an open house and is ubbercreative mode. She is making mala bracelets like no body's business. We are helping out by making sure the beads don't go anywhere while they aren't in use. See, aren't we helpful! (We even got our special ears on too!) Hopefully she will be done soon so we can have some serious play time. She's only got 30 more to go! Wish her luck!

Minkees out!


It's too cold out!

Maybe we are just spoiled, but it has been getting waaaay too cold in the apartment lately. These last two days we have had to spend the day donned in socks just to keep warm. Granted, we look pretty darn awesome, but a monkey needs to get out occassionally and stretch their legs and run around. It is pretty hard to do that with it being so cold in here. We have a special request. Could you maybe change the thermostat from 67 to 80..... just for an hour or two for us to warm up..... We didn't think so, can you blame a monkey for trying?


Friday Foto Fiesta 11.7.08

What the!!!!!!!!!!!

Much to our surprise we found THIS on the floor last night! Again we say WHAT THE!!!!! Is Jen or Brian a minkee murderer?!? What happend to this poor guy..... Better yet, what is going to happen to us?!?

Jen here. Don't fret boys, its just G-mo's new body. The old was is going through some wear and tear issues (not to mention the tiny brown Jagermister stain on his muzzle.....). Sometimes you just got to remake a monkey.

Trivia question (and yes, Carrie you do know the answer!) What number body is Guillermo on (counting this new one.)? How about Bernardo? He's getting a new one too. One with a fuller belly and less barrel chested.

Make sure to stop on over at Candid Carries Corner for some Fx4 Fun!


We need to start preparing for the upcoming cold weather!
Yesterday it was in the 70's, today the high is only 50 and tomorrow we are supposed to get snow. We are heading into Jen's sweater to wait out the weather until tomorrow night!

Hi Jen! What?!? You are wearing that sweater today! NOOOOOOO! We are all warm and snuggly. Please don't make us move..... FINE, we're going to go find Brian and he will hook us up with some warmy goodness! Jen can be such a butt head sometimes. :()


Minkees for President!!

This election day you should go out and do your civic duty and vote. Since those two knuckle heads got nothing on us, we say why not Bernardo for President Guillermo for Vice President this Election Day! We are a shoe in with our fans!!!

O.K. let's be serious.....

Bernardo went down to the local polling place and voted early! He hitched a ride with Brian, stood in line and filled out his ballot. The people at the polling place were quite impressed with how well he handled things! However when he got home, this happened.....

Guillermo was quite the jealous guy! He didn't understand why he didn't get to vote and threw one of his more 'vigorous' tantrums. He gets very possessive when stickers are involved! So, when Jen came home from work he went with her. (Not nearly as polite as B-man, but he was a strutting his stuff in front of all the ladies!)

Now, they are as happy as can be, anxiously watching CNN awaiting the results!

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