Hide and seek

Playing hide and seek is one of our favorite past times. We often try to hide from Jen when she comes home from work so she has to find us. I am the better hider, I think. Unfortunately, I get a little too giggly and gassy and found easily.....Bernardo, well.... He doesn't always like to play along. However, he was really trying hard to fit into Jen's tiny purse he just ran out of time when she walked in the room. Apparently, the sound of my butt alerted her to look in here. Sorry B-man. Hope you can find a better hiding place next time.

Oh, yes there will be a next time!!!!!




Sounds like me.


Weather Moose


Sorry, I can't find you, the gas is so thick in here.

This Mom

I just love the tail. I can totally hear the giggles coming from under the covers.


All you needed was just another minute. I'm sure you culd have crammed yourself into that tiny purse.

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