Bed Time Stories...

Before bed tonight, we got out one of our favorite books to read.  Well, it isn't so much reading as looking at the hillarious pictures!!!  (I do worry about the mental health of these bunnys though.)  Bernardo and I would recommend this book to anyone who needs some humor in their lives.  The unfortunate part is, this book does not work as a bed time story as much as get us riled up and want to stay up all night.  Bunnys are funny!!!


Super Toosday

"A new breed of super-hero,
When it comes to fear, his is zero!
Guys want to be him,
Girls think he's hot.
Introducing...CAPTAIN COCONAUT!!!"

(You know, like a cross between a coconut and an astronaut...clever, huh?)

(Yeah, that's Captain Bananas in the background trying to steal some of my thunder....He is VERY proud of his uniform, let me tell you)



Hello....Bernardo here. Yet another gloomy Monday. Would you believe it: April 28th and it actually was SNOWING for a few minutes today. This blows bananas. Going to have to go play and forget about the weather.

On the plus side, apparently Guillermo though it was Christmas again. I had to break it to him gently, but he got over it right away. Such a good little minkey buddy!



Don't we look AWESOME!!!  I think we used all the socks in the laundry basket!  It was really hard to get these on our arms.  Jen and Brian said if this doesn't stop soon they may need to hold and intervention and send us to Sock-Aholics Anonymous (SAA).  They said it is o.k. to turn them into hats, but this is going a bit too far.  I didn't even know SAA existed.  They have help groups for everything now a days!

Wormmy Goodness

While Jen and Brian were out, we went digging around in the kitchen cupboards and look what we found.  Some nice juicy worms to feed the fish.  Bernardo and I decided we needed to play with them for a while before we put them in the fishtank.  It was a good thing too.  Did you know that fish can't have this type of worm?  It can kill them!!!  Jen came home just as we were lifting the lid to the tank.  I thought she was going to scream!  By the way, sorry Jen we are just little monkeys, we didn't know any better.  She grabbed the worms out of our hands and tossed them on the counter.  I almost fell in the tank in the process.  I know it is about my 'suds and bubbles' time, but I don't want to take it in nasty fish poo water.  Gross.  Jen was nice enough to let us keep playing with those funny looking worms.  The only thing is now B-man and I smell like cherries!


Yoga Minkeys 2.0

 I sure hope she finds us soon!!!

Yoga Minkeys 2

Well, we decided to have some fun and games in Jen's old Yoga mat.  I can see why she doesn't use it anymore, it smells like feet and sweat!  Gross!!!  However being a monkey, G-man is used to smelly and gross!  Maybe Jen will decide to use this mat, let's hide Bernardo!



Hello to minkeys and non-minkeys alike. Ho-hum...another gloomy day today, but as you can see from the pic above, Bernardo and I are quite resourceful when it comes to keeping busy. After all, if we were outside all day, how could we POSSIBLY have time to put toilet paper rolls on our heads...I mean, can you imagine!?
Bernardo is "Bongo the Mammoth" (?) today, and I am Monkey-Tron 2000 from Uranus! Not sure why that is funny, but it has keep me in stitches all day ("stitches" = stuffed minkey, get it! heehee).


More Earth Day Fun!

Jen came home from work today and talked to us about the Earth Day lesson she was teaching about recycling and how we can all do our part to save energy and help out our Mother Earth.  Being monkeys, we used to live in the jungle and we know how important it is to preserve our planet and do our part.  (The problem was it was hard to take her seriously, she lost her voice and sounded like Minnie Mouse!) Then we found the reusable bags Jen uses to go grocery shopping and turned them into minkey hammock swings.  They were fun to play in, but we had to be careful not to fall out and get hurt.  We've had a pretty fun and eventful day.  And to make the day complete, Hell's Kitchen is on in a few minutes!!!  Earth Day Rox!!!


Remember kids...always recycle!

Rainy Toosday

Another rainy day...poopie. I guess the B-man and I will have to play inside today. We already helped Brian feed some worms to the fish....gross!!! Note: fish REALLY like worms. They are very rude though...all "grabby-grabby". One time, Jen was feeding the fish and one of them got so excited that he jumped right out of the tank, kinda like the piranhas in the jungle rivers! Stuffed monkey or not, you do NOT want to take your daily soap 'n' bubbles in THERE, thank you very much.

Gotta go...I hear Bernardo giggling in the other room, and that's usually a sign he found something for us to play with...awesome! Perhaps I will post more today if we take a break. Being a minkey can be so time-consuming!

G-man, out.


Cheeky Minky

Look what I just found in Jen's closet!  Jen, I am the only one around here allowed to be cheeky!!!  You better not be monopolizing on my cuteness quotient!  You better watch it missy!!!

Outdoor Adventure

Today is such a beautiful day that we couldn't stay inside.  We decided to go outside and play on the deck for a while.  It was really hard climbing the railing to get to the ledge of the deck, but Bernardo was there to give me some help by letting me step on his head to reach the top.  You would think that because we are monkeys we would have the natural ability to climb up there on our own.  The problem is that Jen made us cute 'little guys' so we aren't able to do the things the big monkeys do.  After we played up there for a while, we laid out for a bit to get a sun tan.  Bernardo was a wimp and wanted to go in waaaay earlier than I did.  He said because he is darker the sun makes him hotter.  I think he is just a wimp.  Jen told us we can't get sun tanned, but I don't believe her.  She made us go in anyway.  She said she couldn't be sure an animal from the woods wouldn't come and take us away.  We are way to cute and some creature might want to take us home.  No way!  Were going in!


Beautiful Day!

Today was the most beautiful day.... The sun was shining, and a soft breeze blowing in the air.  We came out onto the sun porch and meditated with the monkey statue while Jen practiced the Ashtanga primary series.  It was so peaceful and relaxing.  I hope we have more days like it soon!!!


Adventures in France

Hello there, this is Bernardo comin' atcha! Guess where me and my best minkey ami went today? You got it: FRANCE! In honor of Hell's Kitchen tonight, we went to France to see Gordon Ramsay. Apparently, he is British...oops! But we still had fun. We got these cool chef's hats, called "toques" (which apparently is Poncey-talk for "big poofy hat"), and some whisks, and we also got some great bread and wine and flirted with the little French chics....oui! They could not resist our cuteness factor (we had the cute dials turned to "11" !). Unfortunately, things took a turn for the worse when one of those cute girls sprayed the B-man with perfume...I smelled like a street-walker for the rest of the trip. Then I found out that Guillermo had blown half of our trip money throwing it into the "neat little wish fountain" (?) Turns out it was actually something called a "bidet" (DON'T ask!!!). I was a little peeved, but he didn't know any better. Actually, knowing him, throwing money into a bidet might actually grant his wishes! By then, it was time to get home anyway. We had a good trip, but were ready to come home.


The futures so bright...

We've got to wear shades!  Today was the first day in a long time that the sun came out.  It is way to bright for out sensitive little monkey eyes.  Don't we look AWESOME!


That didn't last

Well, the piercings had to go.... I think Jen and Brian were a bit disappointed in my for my irresponsibility.  They said I looked cuter without them, so of course they had to go.  Plus, I was getting stuck on the socks in the sock drawer.  I am still bad a@@ though.  Brian said I was still a cool monkey and he helped me make this awesome mohawk.  Don't I look cool!  Jen says I look like a Vegas show girl with this on my head.  I have no idea what she is talking about, do you?


That's right, I'm bad!!

While Jen and Brian were off to work, I decided to go down to the local tattoo parlor and get some body piercings.  Did you know that they have laws that prevent them from working on anyone under the age of 21!  Since I'm only one they wouldn't do it, so I went to the mall and stopped at Claires.  I laid on the monkey charm, and asked the girl behind the counter for her help.  She was reluctant at first, but I can be quite convincing.  She started off with my ear.  DID YOU KNOW THEY USE A PIERCING GUN?!?  It hurt like h@ll!  I tried to keep my composure, but I cried a bit.  She felt sorry for me, so she rubbed my ears to make me feel better.  That felt nice!!!  Since I am knit, the hoop in my nose didn't require the gun, so it didn't hurt at all!  Now I look bad a@@!  Hope Jen and Brian don't make me take them out.



While Guillermo is in the other room 'rejoovinating', I got into Jen's mail.  Guess what, she got an Old Navy discount bag.  Well, I did the only logical thing, made a hat out of it.  Check it out, isn't it awesome!!!!!  Jen and Brian think I look like the alien queen from the Aliens movie series.  I don't know what they are talking about, I just know I look cool!  

Minkee Rejoovinator

Every once in a while you need a little minkee rejoovination to boost your energy.  It has been raining here for the last few days with no end in sight.  It is quite depressing.  I need some rejoovination.  So, I got into my minkee pod (a.k.a. my favorite sock/hat of Jen's), hooked up my ears to the battery pack and now letting the Banana - Pod 3000 do its job.  Hopefully I will get some energy soon so I can go play in the sock drawer.  Hmm.... I wonder where Bernardo is?  I havn't seen him all day.


Getting Ready for Gordon

Well, we are in prime T.V. viewing position.  Our favorite show, Hell's Kitchen, is about to start.  Jen got this new fuzzy jacket which is nice and warm and cozy!  She zipped us in and we are red to go if you know what I mean.  We even get to wear our hats!  Gordon Ramsay is AWESOME!!!  He calls people 'donkey' and fu@%ing wanker'.  He even tells people to "p*ss off".  He is HILARIOUS!  I wonder what he would say to cheeky little minkeys if we ever met?!?


Afternoon fun and games

While Jen and Brian were off to work we got out the Scrabble and had some fun.  We tried to stick to funny or monkey related terms.  I rifled through the tiles and found my favorite words, banana powers, butt, fart, you know the usual funny ones.  Bernardo was too technical saying I can't spell and he challenged most of my words.  He even got out the dictionary if you can believe that.  I wish I could spell better so he wouldn't make fun of me.  After we finished playing, we picked up our things, made some tea and waited for them to come home.  All in all it was a fun day!


Helping out

Being helpful little minkeys, we decided to help Jen while she cleaned out the sun porch.  We started by dusting the star votive holder, but it was so much fun up there we had to play around.  You can really make that thing swing!  By the way, sorry Jen, we didn't mean to hit you in the head while we were swinging.  From there, Jen moved us to the floor.  Apparently she was worried we would fall and hurt ourselves.  She can be so thoughtful about our minkey well being.  We then decided to play in the mini chimney.  I thought it was a toilet at first, but Bernardo explained to me what it was and why there was a candle inside.  Good timing too, cause I had to go!  Anyway once we climbed in and started giggling, Jen decided to go outside and rake until we had enough fun and decided to quit for the day.  She's so good to us sometimes!


My Two Favorite Things!

Jen went to the store today and got my two favorite things.... 99 Bananas and a paper bag to play with.  As you can see, I started off with a sip of my favorite banana flavored beverage and decided that wearing the bag on my head for a while would be hilarious. Which it was.  Then I got a bit cold, so I climbed inside and hung out for a bit and watched Christopher Walken on SNL.  That guy is so creepy, yet hilarious at the same time.  Then it was off to bed.  Brian and Jen so that I couldn't wear the bag to sleep in, It would be tooo loud and keep Bernardo up all night.  Oh, well.  It was fun while it lasted .

Guess What!

Guess what.  You can wear them on your heads.  This is awesome!!!!!


OMG!  Look what we found in the fruit basket!!!  Monkey sized bananas!  This is awesome.  I feel like Carmen Meranda.  I wish we could wear them on our heads!!!



Today, the Jasmine plant Jen and Brian got for Christmas opened up.  The apartment smells so nice and fragrant.  It smells way better than my stinky minky butt!  Jen took a close up of the open bud, do you see me in the background?!? I can't wait until the rest of then open up.  It's nice to have a bit of spring in here.  We need it after the long winter we've had.  Jasmine smells AWESOME!


April Fools!

Pilot Guillermo here.  Bernardo and I made this cool airplane out of an old Kleenex box.  Check out our hats!!!!  We've been flying around the apartment all night. We dive bombed Brian's head, I don't think he liked it though.  He just kept shaking his head and calling us 'April Fools'.  I wonder what he means?!?

Yoga Minkeys

After seeing Brian practicing yoga around the house, we decided to show him how a headstand is REALLY done! You can see Bernardo doing the traditional version, and I am practicing a very advanced version: Niralamba Sirsasana (Unsupported Headstand). I showed Brian, and he just muttered something about, "If I had a &*## melon like as big as HIS, I could do that!". Very spiteful...I know. I think he was just jealous. Then we watched "Hell's Kitchen" - Gordon Ramsay is hilarious!

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