Super Toosday

"A new breed of super-hero,
When it comes to fear, his is zero!
Guys want to be him,
Girls think he's hot.
Introducing...CAPTAIN COCONAUT!!!"

(You know, like a cross between a coconut and an astronaut...clever, huh?)

(Yeah, that's Captain Bananas in the background trying to steal some of my thunder....He is VERY proud of his uniform, let me tell you)



Wow, Capt Coconaut and Capt Bananas, are y'all going to fight daiquiri crimes?


That sounds delicious!!!!! We may have to give it a try!


Oh dear, two little monkeys using one big blender, sounds like a dangerous combination!

Although if one of the monkeys were to wear a coconut bra and a grass skirt and pose in a coy way next to the blender ... now that might be a daiquiri advertisement campaign in the works :)

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