Outdoor Adventure

Today is such a beautiful day that we couldn't stay inside.  We decided to go outside and play on the deck for a while.  It was really hard climbing the railing to get to the ledge of the deck, but Bernardo was there to give me some help by letting me step on his head to reach the top.  You would think that because we are monkeys we would have the natural ability to climb up there on our own.  The problem is that Jen made us cute 'little guys' so we aren't able to do the things the big monkeys do.  After we played up there for a while, we laid out for a bit to get a sun tan.  Bernardo was a wimp and wanted to go in waaaay earlier than I did.  He said because he is darker the sun makes him hotter.  I think he is just a wimp.  Jen told us we can't get sun tanned, but I don't believe her.  She made us go in anyway.  She said she couldn't be sure an animal from the woods wouldn't come and take us away.  We are way to cute and some creature might want to take us home.  No way!  Were going in!

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