Martinis and Manicures

We are ready for our spa treatments Jen!  
I would like a mini facial and a massage please.
I would like an ear rub, eyebrow wax and a pedicure.  Whatever those are!?!
What do you mean your girls night out at Martinis and Manicures didn't teach you how to provide those services?  You got them instead.  You must feel like a very pampered person.  Hope you enjoyed it, but can we still have an ear rub?  P L E A S E . . . . .


Friday Foto Finish 2.27.09

Jen, come watch TV with us.  We miss you.  All you do anymore is homework.  Come cuddle a minkee.
Jen has been spending too much time doing grad class work and not enough of ANYTHING else.  

Just thought I would share one of my favorite fotos of the minkees.  This was waiting for me when I came home from work on day in the fall.  They were there at the top of the stairs just waiting for me to get home.  I miss the days of no homework.....  One more class to go, then I can START my masters.....

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On this date in history...

On this day in history 19**, creator's hubby was born.
We decided that we needed to take some photos to document helping out with the present wraping.
It was a tough job, but we managed. Only took an hour to get all the lose tape off of us.
We now lay in wait for Brian to get home from work so he can open his presents....

Never leave a minkee alone with party supplies. We couldn't help ourselves......

With that said:
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to you,
You look like a minkee
And Guillermo smells like poo!

Happy Birthday!



Friday Foto Finish 2.20.09

One of Jen's creations is joining us for this week's fx4 hosted by our favorite Candid Carrie.  He may be a zomie, but he is all kinds of cool.
Make sure you join in the phestivities.  

If you would like a little creepy guy of your own, Jen is hosting a Friday the 13th inspired giveaway on the non-minkee site.


Friday the 13th Scare.....

Must have brains.....

We know it was Friday the 13th and all, but when a zombie came roaming through the house it gave us quite a scare.  All we could hear were loud cries for "BRAINS".  I knew Guillermo was safe, but I was a scared!  I hid in the closet for a while and then as I peeked through the slats I saw just what was after me.  I jumped out of the closet and POUNCED on this little tiny zombie.  Seriously the only thing around here that may be threatened by him are the few bugs I've let live in the apartment.  (Japanese Beetles taste TERRIBLE)  To show him whose the boss, I wore him like a hat and put him in his place.  He did try to bite me once, but I handed him over to Guillermo who took care of it.
As you can clearly see Guillermo has his own way of taking care of things around here.
Once the little guy came to we decided to hang out with him (after the smell went away).  Good thing Jen is taking him to work though.... those bugs are mine all mine!
We sincerely hope he doesn't try to attack the students at school.  We're cool and all, but we don't feel comfortable with having him in the apartment.

Although, if the student see him on Jen's desk, he may get taken away and tortured by a middle schooler.  Karma's a feisty minx sometimes.....

Bernardo Out!


Jen, What the...

OK, what is going on here?!?  You know we are the only knit animals allowed in this house so who/what is this guy?  Oh, he is a present and will be leaving us soon.  That's cool.  Mama Dawg's daughter will like it.  It seems like a nice stuffed creature.

This elusive creature came from the yarn that Bernardo (or Miss Cleo as he is going by tonight) is donning on his head.  I don't know why, but he is rocking the pink yarn!
I found the exoskeleton of the elusive new creature lying on the couch.  I thought they were PJ's at first, but Jen said it was the body of a teddy bear.  Whatever that is.  By the way, do you see how prominently my doodle is displayed in this photo.... sweet!
Good times were had with this strange exoskeleton.  I was nice and didn't fart on it (I was told there would be consequences since it is a present)  We hope the recipient will like it.  We may have to do a special b-day post (so we can see that cool guy/gal once again).
We're gonna miss the bear skin rug. 

Guillermo out!


Friday Foto Finish Fiesta 2.6.09

Upon exiting the executive suits all we see of our dynamic duo is their night caps.....

And then onto theiving my cashmire sweater.....
Great, now it smells like monkeys....

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