Breaking News...

"This is G-mo reporting for Animal Planet News at 6:00. Something startling has developed in the Case of the Coco-Nawt!"

"When last seen, our two wayward heroes, Butt-head Bernardo and Gorgeous Guillermo, had apparently hit a wall. The wall, in this case: the toughest coco-nawt known to minkeekind. All of their attempts had failed, and it seemed all was lost, when Bernardo commented that he 'had an idea', and disappeared."

"Just a few minutes ago, a strange figure appeared at the scene. He was small, dark, and furry, and wore a green cape and mask, concealing his face (tho several bystanders remarked that he seemed to 'Really need to shave'). In fact, no one would know anything about this masked man, except for the fact that he spent 10 minutes flirting with girls and handing out 8 by 10 glossy prints signed, Captain CocoNaut. Odd."

"It was soon clear why he was here. With intelligence, cunning, superhuman strength and speed, he succeeded where our heroes failed. He used his intelligence, cunning, and superhuman strength and speed to push the coco-nawt down the basement steps."

"The only sad part of this tale is that Bernardo was not around to see it. He returned to the scene only moments after this masked hero disappeared. Fortunately, he took the news well, and enjoyed the fruits (ha!) of their hard work with his minkee buddy Guillermo."

"Truly a moving story, folks, you heard it here first."

"This is G-mo, reported from the Animal Network News at 6:00. And remember: Put some sauce on it."


"It should also be pointed out by this reporter that Captain Bananas would have undoubtedly taken on this task himself (and done a much better job), but unfortunately, he had partaken of too many 99 Bananas the evening before and was feeling a little under the weather today."

One Tough Nut!

Hello all! In celebration of our "Lost" FINALLY returning to TV, we decided to get something special to celebrate. What? you may ask. Well, what makes you think of the jungle more than: coco-nawts! (and Kate.....hoot, hoot, if you know what I mean).

Now let's get this baby OPEN! Hmm.....never thought about that.

Being minkees, we are naturally peaceful, and didn't want to hurt the nut if possible. Guillermo suggested it looked like a big egg...maybe one of us should sit on it and try to hatch it. I think he might have been pulling my leg, but I decided to give it a shot. Pretty useless though, and it made my little minkee harbles itch somethin' FIERCE!

We hit the 'gadget' drawer in the kitchen, looking for possible implements of coco-nawt entry. Unfortunately, G-mo was easily distracted with all the shiny objects and got 'off-task' a few times. He insisted I publish this photo of one of his more impressive 'finds':

But back to our job at hand. I got some scissors...and with Brian closely supervising tried them out: no joy. I mean, they were big and shiny and EVERYTHING, but all I could do was clip a little of the stem off. Guillermo said that 'must be the dark meat'. Ha ha, Stinky. Laugh it up...let's try to see YOU get into this puppy!

Fortunately, he said he 'had JUST the thing!' Unfortunately, the 'thing' he had was a melon-baller. I told him to knock himself out, but to be prepared for disappointment! I have to admit, he gave it his all...I mean, he melon-balled the HELL outta that coco-nawt, but alas: not even a dent.

As I expected, the mocha-minkee did NOT take the news well. As he put it: "It's time to get MEDIEVAL on this mutha!". Once again, with Brian's close supervision (and a safety helmet), Guillermo took it to Stage 2, all the while muttering vague, disturbing threats under his breath: "Gonna put some SAUCE on it", and "I WILL taste your sweetness!". Yeah...I know.

Once again....nothing! We're out of ideas, I don't know if we're EVER going to get this thing open!
Wait a minute...I think I have an idea............................


Friday Foto Finish 1.23.09

OMG!  You will never believe what Jen bought at Office Max......
hehehehehehehe  Doodles!
Happy Friday all!  Make sure to stop by Candid Carries to play along!


Minkee Test Kitchen

This is Guillermo and Bernardo Gray welcoming you to our first installment of Minkee Test Kitchen. We hope you enjoy the show!
What we are testing out today are recipes for those ever popular Jelly Belly jellybeans. As you can see we have our protective hair nets covering our heads so we don't get random hair in our experimental recipes.
The first thing you need in order to create your own recipes is an assortment of Jelly Bellies. We sent Jen on out to Target and she picked up a 2 1/2 pound bag in the clearance isle. Always good to get things on sale. We had her put them all in a big bowl and the fun began!

First off I am going to attempt to make what is know in our household as a minkee fart. This is an advanced recipe, so try at your risk. It really isn't for everyone!

You mix 3 parts Top Banana, 2 parts Chocolate Pudding and for a bit of flare 1 part Toasted Marshmallow. It is delish!
Bernardo here. I am going to attempt to make a delicious cocktail treat for Brian. Since he really likes mangos, I am making him a mangorita. I think he will like it. Guillermo is in the background, isn't he? Whatever...
This recipe calls for 3 parts Margarita and 2 parts Mango. The flavor really pops in your mouth! Yummo!
For Jen, I am making one of her all time favorite beverages.... Um Guillermo would you stop stealing my thunder! Anyway, back to me. I am making Jen a Cherry Limeade. I know she always stops off at the local Sonic to get one, so maybe she can just make one here instead. Maybe help save some money too!
It is 3 parts Lemon Lime and 2 parts Very Cherry. Simple to make, hard to resist! You could also add 1 part Coconut or Tangerine if you want to mix it up.
We will continue on our efforts to finding the best Jelly Belly recipes. We hope you enjoyed this segment of our show. Make sure to come back for our next episode where we try out some new crazy recipes. Until then, PUT SOME SAUCE ON IT!

By the way, do you think we are Food Network worthy?


Say it ain't so...

Are you sure about this?  I don't know if I am brave enough to leave the warm comfy goodness of the bed yet.  You are sure it is above zero today.....
Wow, it actually is in the double digits above zero today.  Kick booty!  The last few days we have stayed in the executive suites because the temperatures were in the negative and windchill up to -40.  No time for a minkee to be out, unless you are a snow minkee which we are not!  OK, let's get out of bed!
Maybe we can just wear Jen's sweater until we readjust to the apartment temperature....  Wait.....No....We're Cold.....Man she took her sweater back.....  I hope she doesn't notice I farted in it.....

Guillermo Out!


Balancing Acts

This weekend has been all about balancing acts, so we decided we needed to get in the mix.  Bernardo is actually wearing a half full Miller High Life on his head.  Pretty impressive if  you ask me!
I found this is the bathroom garbage can and figured, hey why not put it on my head!  I don't really know what it is, but Jen thought if most appropriate for it to be on my head.
As for Jen and Brian, their balancing acts have included the new Shaun White wii snowboarding game, some wii fit for Jen and a hilarious round of hula hooping!

Oh, gotta go.  I think I hear the dryer buzzer.....


While Jen's away the minkees play

Wow, we have had a busy week!  We found these fantabulous PJ's Jen's mom gave her and have had a hay day playing with them.  If you look closely they picture many of our kin!
We found them on Tuesday after the ringworm incident.  Guess what, she doesn't actually have it, just a really weird dry patch on her arm.  So when she gets home its cuddle time.
Anyway, back to Tuesday.....  We found these in the laundry and decided game on.  We played Army crawl in the legs and raced to see who could get out first.  Guillermo got stuck at one point.  He got scared (as usual) and I came to the rescue.  However, he insisted on luring me with his stink.....
Once out we decided to play around in her shirt.... of course, not while she was wearing it!  Did you know it has built in minkee holders?
We wish all shirts came with minkee holders!  That would be awesome.  We could be carted around all day barking orders.  Kick Ass!  Oops, sorry Jen..... Kick Butt!

Yesterday and today were filled with more of the same.  Good times, good times!  Unfortunately we are done playing for the week, she said she needed to wash them because they smell a little 'off'.  I wonder what she means?


Bad Jen... NO! Stay away!

Bad Jen.... NO! Stay away from us till its covered!
Jen came home from work today diseased! She has worms! Two of them on her right arm in the shape of a ring. No minkee cuddles from her till those are covered. We don't need to get them and spread worms in this household!

Hey Jen, the fish eat worms, why don't you stick your arm in there? No, well it was just a suggestion! She can get so cranky sometimes!

You would be too minkee if you had ringworms, especially with the treatment!


Friday Foto Finish 1.2.09

Wednesday night, Jen and Brian had a couple of friends over for New Years and they toasted with this fantastic tequila!  We even got to share the little one in the middle!
When they went to Mexico on their honeymoon (pre monkey) they fell in love with this tasty stuff.  B found a bottle and gave it to Jen for Christmas.  It brought back all the memories of their vacation and they have vowed to go back someday.  Hopefully with monkeys!

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