Minkee Test Kitchen

This is Guillermo and Bernardo Gray welcoming you to our first installment of Minkee Test Kitchen. We hope you enjoy the show!
What we are testing out today are recipes for those ever popular Jelly Belly jellybeans. As you can see we have our protective hair nets covering our heads so we don't get random hair in our experimental recipes.
The first thing you need in order to create your own recipes is an assortment of Jelly Bellies. We sent Jen on out to Target and she picked up a 2 1/2 pound bag in the clearance isle. Always good to get things on sale. We had her put them all in a big bowl and the fun began!

First off I am going to attempt to make what is know in our household as a minkee fart. This is an advanced recipe, so try at your risk. It really isn't for everyone!

You mix 3 parts Top Banana, 2 parts Chocolate Pudding and for a bit of flare 1 part Toasted Marshmallow. It is delish!
Bernardo here. I am going to attempt to make a delicious cocktail treat for Brian. Since he really likes mangos, I am making him a mangorita. I think he will like it. Guillermo is in the background, isn't he? Whatever...
This recipe calls for 3 parts Margarita and 2 parts Mango. The flavor really pops in your mouth! Yummo!
For Jen, I am making one of her all time favorite beverages.... Um Guillermo would you stop stealing my thunder! Anyway, back to me. I am making Jen a Cherry Limeade. I know she always stops off at the local Sonic to get one, so maybe she can just make one here instead. Maybe help save some money too!
It is 3 parts Lemon Lime and 2 parts Very Cherry. Simple to make, hard to resist! You could also add 1 part Coconut or Tangerine if you want to mix it up.
We will continue on our efforts to finding the best Jelly Belly recipes. We hope you enjoyed this segment of our show. Make sure to come back for our next episode where we try out some new crazy recipes. Until then, PUT SOME SAUCE ON IT!

By the way, do you think we are Food Network worthy?



Oh goody! Minkee Original Recipes!


Gee, you didn't buy your mom any on sale.


Love the little plastic hair nets!

Femin Susan

i really enjoyed the show... really nice balls...

Candid Carrie

1. Love the hairbags!

2. Best line .. Guillermo is in the background, isn't he? Whatever...

3. I saw a Gordon Ramsey commercial and I can't help but think of you two little guys on fire! Please be careful. I know Jen could always have fun getting the special needs parking permit and stuff but seriously be careful.

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