While Jen's away the minkees play

Wow, we have had a busy week!  We found these fantabulous PJ's Jen's mom gave her and have had a hay day playing with them.  If you look closely they picture many of our kin!
We found them on Tuesday after the ringworm incident.  Guess what, she doesn't actually have it, just a really weird dry patch on her arm.  So when she gets home its cuddle time.
Anyway, back to Tuesday.....  We found these in the laundry and decided game on.  We played Army crawl in the legs and raced to see who could get out first.  Guillermo got stuck at one point.  He got scared (as usual) and I came to the rescue.  However, he insisted on luring me with his stink.....
Once out we decided to play around in her shirt.... of course, not while she was wearing it!  Did you know it has built in minkee holders?
We wish all shirts came with minkee holders!  That would be awesome.  We could be carted around all day barking orders.  Kick Ass!  Oops, sorry Jen..... Kick Butt!

Yesterday and today were filled with more of the same.  Good times, good times!  Unfortunately we are done playing for the week, she said she needed to wash them because they smell a little 'off'.  I wonder what she means?


E and K

I had the same weird dry patches a couple of years ago. They we big, red-ringish splotches and they itched like hell. I was also told it was ring worm and treated with some stuff ten sent to a dermatologist. Sometimes I still find them creeping up. I just keep them covered with something super heavy like shea butter.


I agree...all shirts should definitely have minkee holders.

Candid Carrie

I am very glad that my jammies do not have pictures of my kin on them. That would promote bad dreams.

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