Hide and Seek

Jen here. I came home from work today and the two little guys who almost always wait for me on this chair were nowhere to be found.
I dropped off my things and headed to the kitchen to make dinner and I heard faint giggling in the other room. Every time I headed into the living room the noises stopped, so I figured a couple of minkees were hiding from me.

I found Bernardo first. He apparently was playing Minkee of Arabia before I got home because he looked pretty stylish in my awesome new scarf! He wants me to call him Sir Bernardo tonight. I guess I'll play along.

Guillermo was a bit trickier to find. I looked at that knitting basket several times and thought it was just another knitting project I was working on. Well, if you know Guillermo he got a little pissed and insisted on me finding him by a series or righteous toots. Oops, I guess someone got a little cranky because he wasn't found first. Oh well, he'll live.
Now they sit staring at the T.V. chanting "Kate, Kate, Kate" in anticipation of Lost's 100th episode tonight. I am sure none of us will be disappointed. Can't wait to see what Faraday reveals.......

Happy watching!


Lazy Daze

Ahhhhh, this is the life!
We get be lazy around the apartment all day, sunning ourselves on the porch and hooting it up.  Then we head in around 4, take a nap and get ready for the evening festivities.  We have some dinner, maybe a nip or two of beer, watch some shows and play some wii.  Man, it is good to be a monkey!

Next week however we may plan an adventure or two.  If you have any ideas, send them our way.  We are always looking for something new to try!

Minkees Out!


Jeeeennnn... We want some attention...

Jen, don't you want to cuddle a minkee?  I've got my ball and Bernardo has his special butterfly ears in.  Give us some love.....

We know you have been busy with grad class, and now lining up things to maybe realign to a new teaching position at work, but sometimes a minkee needs their creator.  We miss you.  Come watch the Food Network for a while.  We'll even keep our minkee paws crossed in hopes that you get the new job.  You would be a great reading teacher.

OK.  Come cuddle with creator.  You cheeky minkees!


Easter Basket Antics

Hey all...it's your favorite two fur balls here, Bernardo and Guillermo! Today's adventure finds us playing with one of Jen's new creations: a rope basket. I don't know why she is making these...at first I thought maybe some snake-charmers were coming over, but that seemed...unlikely. So we said the hell with it: time to play. I started off checking out the minkee-comfort level: was it significantly minkee-cozy? Check.

Then Guillermo gave it a fitting. He approved as well

Sharing is caring! Ugh...Seriously, G-mo, get off my lap...you're crushing my minkee harbles!

But enough sitting around looking cute: we can do THAT anywhere (and we often do!)...it's time for some fun and games. We've seen Jackass, so we knew just what to do!

Time for a roll! Gimme a push, mocha minkee!


Oh man, that was fun! I warned Guillermo before he took his turn: you get a little dizzy...don't overdo it!

Of course, he is never one for...how shall we say...considering the consequences of his actions. He wanted a big push, so he got one. He certainly had a blast, rolling giggling, and hooting as he hauled some major ass around the room.


In fact, the little butt-head almost took me out while I was trying to snap a pic! Not his fault tho.
Unfortunately, after this photo was taken, things took a turn (literally) for the worse as G-mo bounced off me and headed into the other room. Things were still OK at that point. But then he hit the stairs....

Five seconds, 13 steps, and several dizzy steps later, it was time for The Purge! Fortunately, the basket was nearby to catch the bulk of Guillermo's lunch, but we will have to give it a thorough cleaning before Jen gets home. Man, that mocha minkee was staggering, weaving, and heaving like he'd just gotten home from a frat party. Poor guy. He helped me clean up, then staggered off upstairs, saying he was going to take a nap in the sock drawer for a few hours. That way, he will be primed for "Lost" tonight. I told him to save some extra time for suds 'n' bubbles before the show, as Kate is not going to be too impressed with a monkey reeking of digested bananas and shame (tho G-man has certainly smelled worse...)


Where are my peeps at?!?

Yesterday in our homemade Easter baskets we found these little guys. I guess they are called "Peeps" We thought with a name like that they would be a bit chatty, but they didn't make a sound.
Jen told us they were to eat and they are full of sugary goodness. I couldn't resist and I went in for a bite.
"Hey, did you hear something?" "No, but my butt hurts!" That one never gets old!
Bernardo went for the chicks. Nothin is better than chicks is his motto. He said they were pretty good.
He bit the head right off of this guy. He said he thought chicken tasted different from normal, but they would go fabulously with waffles.
After our feast we were a bit on the hyper side. Running around the apartment hooting it up. It was a good time. Thanks for the peeps and Easter baskets.


Lights, Camera, Minkee

While Jen was off at work today we decided to get some candid minkee shots.  Here are just a few that we came up with.  

Bernardo syling in his hat
Guillermo says "Look into my eye!"

Bernardo what are you doing?!?

OK, whose idea was it for the doodle shot?  Boys will be boys I guess.

Check this out:

Say Cheese!

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