Guillermo's in the kitchen

Guillermo Gray here. I am in the monkey test kitchen once again cooking up some viddles. This week I am making a delicious Mocha Monkey Bread from a kit Jen got at Target.

Looking at the ingredients I noticed that there are Mocha chips inside of the mix. MOCHA CHIPS!!!! THEY MAKE MOCHA CHIPS!!!!!

Sorry, I got a little excited.....

We mixed the dry ingredients with 1 cup of water.

Once the batter was made we rolled the dough into little balls and coated them in sugar. Look at the deliciousness.
We then dropped the batter balls into a buttered round pan. Can you see the mocha chips in there?
Then we added butter and baked. It was the perfect way to spend the day. I just love cooking in the kitchen!

Jen here. By we Guillermo meant Jen. This is the actual way that Guillermo 'helped' in the kitchen.....

Oh look, the box of mix.........

Where's Guillermo?

Oh, is this how you 'made' mocha monkey bread?!?
hee..... hee..... hee.....


Rombutan fruit and new fur

Hey all! We have been enjoying this past week with our creator Jen coming back from her mini vacation. Upon her return we celebrated by sharing a few Rombutan fruit that Brian got at the Asian grocery store. What is a rombutan you ask? It is a sweet, juicy red fruit with one seed and a hairy rind.

We decided we needed to do something with the hairy rind, so we did what any good monkey would do. Make hats! Check these out.....

Good times were had by all. Pleepleus kept on his toupee for a few days to see if he could attract some ladies. He did get attention, but for the wrong reason. Most were repulsed by his 'unattractive and smelly' new hair. Poor little fella.

On a side note it is THAT time of year again when we get recreated. That is how we stay so young and cuddly. This round we are trying some new fur. Instead of being made out of acrylic yarn we are going for a alpaca, silk and wool blend. Our color may be a little different, but we will be the same monkeys.

Here's Guillermo trying out the new fur. What do you think?


You best be SHAVIN' that monkey!

Hey all, it's Bernardo here: damn, it's been hot (..."in heeere, so take off all...." oh, wait) here lately. So hot that our welcome/inadvertent guest Pleepleus has just given himself a self-inflicted Mohawk. You might know Pleeps from such shows as Three Sheets. It's a great show with Pleeps owner Zane taking them to many lands and sampling vary indigenous alcoholic beverages. Pleepleus has seen much over his three seasons, so he is welcome here. But were are kinda wondering when (or IF?) he might leave. Nice minkee and all, but he is draining our liquor stock rapidly. Hmmmm...

However, after getting an email from Brian's nephew in Morocco, we realized it could be much worse. We both remember the humid heat of the jungle, even tho we are from different ones: I am from the African Congo region, whereas Guillermo is from South America...I KNOW, right!? We have it here pretty sweet now, and we LOVE the AC!!!!! Guess we're spoiled, but whatever: we're outta here, but everyone, including Nate-dog, keep it cool, yo.

Minkees out, see ya soon. HOOTHOOTHOOT!


Jen...come home!

Hey Jen, you need to come home! We've been having tuns 0'fun living the single life with Brian, but it's just not the same without our creator here...

We snapped this photo using the timer. We were outside playing "Rambo" while Brian was mowing...what a beautiful day. We also helped out with the mowing: hooting and pointing at the spots he missed, and sipping ice-tea to keep hydrated. He didn't seem to appreciate it too much tho...weird. We also got to help with dinner (from inside, of course: stuffed minkees do NOT grill!), and got to taste some of the grilled cantaloupe with honey for dessert. Good vittles.

Anyway, get your butt home and let's get snugglin'! We have two days of it saved up.

Minkees, out.

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