Guillermo's in the kitchen

Guillermo Gray here. I am in the monkey test kitchen once again cooking up some viddles. This week I am making a delicious Mocha Monkey Bread from a kit Jen got at Target.

Looking at the ingredients I noticed that there are Mocha chips inside of the mix. MOCHA CHIPS!!!! THEY MAKE MOCHA CHIPS!!!!!

Sorry, I got a little excited.....

We mixed the dry ingredients with 1 cup of water.

Once the batter was made we rolled the dough into little balls and coated them in sugar. Look at the deliciousness.
We then dropped the batter balls into a buttered round pan. Can you see the mocha chips in there?
Then we added butter and baked. It was the perfect way to spend the day. I just love cooking in the kitchen!

Jen here. By we Guillermo meant Jen. This is the actual way that Guillermo 'helped' in the kitchen.....

Oh look, the box of mix.........

Where's Guillermo?

Oh, is this how you 'made' mocha monkey bread?!?
hee..... hee..... hee.....



Haha; nice! Mocha chips sound sooo yummy! And I think I was just as thrilled about them, too :P


Oh, that looks great! Did it taste as good as it looks?


It was wonderfully delicious!

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