Jen...come home!

Hey Jen, you need to come home! We've been having tuns 0'fun living the single life with Brian, but it's just not the same without our creator here...

We snapped this photo using the timer. We were outside playing "Rambo" while Brian was mowing...what a beautiful day. We also helped out with the mowing: hooting and pointing at the spots he missed, and sipping ice-tea to keep hydrated. He didn't seem to appreciate it too much tho...weird. We also got to help with dinner (from inside, of course: stuffed minkees do NOT grill!), and got to taste some of the grilled cantaloupe with honey for dessert. Good vittles.

Anyway, get your butt home and let's get snugglin'! We have two days of it saved up.

Minkees, out.


M. Louise Cunningham

That's so nice of you to write to your mumma when she's away! :)


I will be home tomorrow. Hold off your cuddles until then. I hope you saved me some dessert!

Ro Magnolia

Really, it's so very hard to understand why Brian didn't appreciate the helpful pointers you were giving him while you sat back and sipped ice tea! The sacrifices you were willing to make just so the lawn would perfect for Jen's return! :)

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