You best be SHAVIN' that monkey!

Hey all, it's Bernardo here: damn, it's been hot (..."in heeere, so take off all...." oh, wait) here lately. So hot that our welcome/inadvertent guest Pleepleus has just given himself a self-inflicted Mohawk. You might know Pleeps from such shows as Three Sheets. It's a great show with Pleeps owner Zane taking them to many lands and sampling vary indigenous alcoholic beverages. Pleepleus has seen much over his three seasons, so he is welcome here. But were are kinda wondering when (or IF?) he might leave. Nice minkee and all, but he is draining our liquor stock rapidly. Hmmmm...

However, after getting an email from Brian's nephew in Morocco, we realized it could be much worse. We both remember the humid heat of the jungle, even tho we are from different ones: I am from the African Congo region, whereas Guillermo is from South America...I KNOW, right!? We have it here pretty sweet now, and we LOVE the AC!!!!! Guess we're spoiled, but whatever: we're outta here, but everyone, including Nate-dog, keep it cool, yo.

Minkees out, see ya soon. HOOTHOOTHOOT!



Hooray for Air Conditioning! :P haha


Hello minkees, greetings from Morocco... thanks for the shout-out! I am indeed doing my best to stay cool over here, despite the occasional days without electricity (no fan) and water (no water). The summer shall be conquered, however, and I'll be on the home stretch! Looking forward to a fuzzy (perhaps not with all the shaving going on) reunion with you. Diggin the look, Pleepleus...

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