The Iceman Cometh

Hello all.

Check out these SWEET (fake) fur-lined boots Jen got for winter!

They look mosty-toasty indeed. Wait until the minkees see these babies! Looks like she got them just in time, since we had our first frost last night, and....wait a minute...I hear giggling!

Dammit, you guys...how do you DO that?

Alright, c'mon....everybody outta the pool! I KNOW they are nice and warm, but you can't stay in there all winter.

Well, after much grumbling and crabbing, they finally got out, but first I had to chase them around the place. It is very strange to be hot on the trail of two apparently empty (but hooting and giggling none the less) boots all throughout the house. But upon realizing that trick-or-treating is tonight, G-mo and B-man DID come up with a great costume idea:


Happy Halloween from Monkeytown!

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