Playing with yarn

When you are a monkey sometimes you have to make your own fun.  Today Guillermo and I were playing in the yarn basket and found something to play with.  I kinda have a Fu Man Chu mustache going on with some Flock Of Sea Gulls hair.  Guillermo, well.....

Looks like Ned Flanders if he were a Muppet.  He thought he looked so AWESOME that he  refused to take it off for the rest of the day.
Sometimes it is good to make your own fun.  Dive into your 'yarn basket' and see what you come up with!  Have fun!


Holy Hail B-Man!

What on Earth is that sound overhead?!?!?!  We better get our protective hats on and take cover on the couch!
Now that we are safe, lets take a look outside and see what all the ruckus is about.

A 20 minute hail storm with golfball sized hail.  It was very scary.  Jen was at the local Ben Franklin doing some crafty shopping and the power went out in the store and everything!

We were lucky we only had one broken window and dimpled siding.  Our neighbors didn't fair so well.   Hopefully our next storm won't be as bad. 


Rich Corinthian Leather

Oooohhhh La la.  Jen got some lovely leather shoes the other day and it was time to play!  At first we thought bumper cars, but they were too hard to get around in like this.
So, we opted for stadium seating for a movie.  The shoes are oh so cute, but make great minkee sized chairs.
Especially when you get your ball and can keep your head up high for premium television viewing.
We truly hope she doesn't want these shoes back anytime soon.  They are super comfy and perfectly sized just for us.

Plus the smell of leather is so intoxicating.  Mmmmmmm.   Make sure to see who else is playing on Candid Carrie's Fx4!

 Minkee out......


This week on Two Knit Monkeys Vol. 5

This little guy is the dreaded book worm.  Most of us enjoy curling up and reading a good book.  Well, this guy like to curl up and EAT a good book!  Beware of those chompers!
Bookworms come in all kinds of varieties from the more common silverfish and book lice to the less common termites, moths, cockroaches, carpet beetles, biscuit beetles, drugstore beetles and many more beetle varieties.
While the classic bookworm is primarily responsible for tunneling holes through pages of older manuscripts it is the larva that are actually the bibliophile.  It spends up to five years devouring pulpy leaves of fact and fiction.  
After spending those years of chewing away on your precious books it goes through metamorphosis spreads its wings and flies away.  

This last microbe is a tribute to Jen's mother who is a retiring librarian at her former elementary school.  Congratulations, you have earned it!

We hope you enjoyed this weeks posts.  Make sure to check out ThinkGeek.com  there are a lot of fun stuff for your inner (or outer) geek.


This week on Two Knit Monkeys Vol. 4

We would like to introduce you to the life of the party, beer yeast.  Do you like the crown on his head?  This little guy has been around more than 6,000 years making all kinds of tasty beers and breads.  Mmmm Mmmm, I'm getting thirsty!

One of these little guys can reproduce and in a mere 6 hours have more than 1,000,000 cells.  It's latin name, Saccharomyces cerevidiae, actually means "sugar fungus of the beer". 
We decided to make him feel at home and sampled some of his brethren in these fine tasty brews.... 
Beer yeast here.  These two guys couldn't handle me.  After a beer and a half they threw off their lab coats and danced around like they were at a rave.  Dr. G kept singing the Ghostbuster theme song and Professor B was telling me his life story.  I hope they feel o.k. in the morning!
Make sure to stop by for our final installment where we get to meet the ever scary book worm.  See you tomorrow!


This week on Two Knit Monkeys Vol. 3

Meet the dreaded fat cell.  He may be cute but he is a dangerous fellow.  Did you know that the average human body has 40 billion of these little guys who just want to make you fat.
While fat cells have their benefits such as keep you warm, help transport Vitamins A, D, E and K throughout your body and they can keep you alive for months if the need ever arose.  Check out the Fat head on Dr. G!
Professor B wants to make sure you know that it takes 3,500 calories to make one pound of fat.  That may sound like a lot, but if you over eat by just 5% you can put on a pound a month.  Now that is a lot of fat to chew on!
The good news it that if you consume just a little less than you need, those missing calories add up too and your little fat cells will be happy to slim down to provide them.  Even better if you can stomach some exercise you can burn up to ten of these puppies in one minute!  That is some statistic!

While you may want to lose a few of these guys (we all do) just cut a few of them out of your diet, exercise a bit more and they will be eager to leave.   Even if they are incredibly cute, sometimes you gotta get rid of them.

Remember to check out ThinkGeek.com  and check out some microbes of your own!


This week on Two Knit Monkeys Vol. 2

Today we are featuring the dreaded stomach ache. Who knew that when your tummy is upset this guy is the culprit.

Dr. G is very familiar with the stomach ache bacteria. With all of the gross fattening foods he eats it is no wonder these to get along like old pals.
Professor B. is also familiar with the 'tummy ache' bacteria (as he likes to call it) He doesn't experience quite the problems Dr. G has, but everyone gets a tummy ache at some point in their lives.
Make sure to check back tomorrow for all the fat cell fun facts you can handle.

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