Sock Drawer Antics

Well, after much begging we got to play in our most favorite places in the world.  THE SOCK DRAWER!!!!!  Jen has all kinds of bitchen socks we just had to play with them all.  Bernardo has the best pair, the ones she wears on Halloween.  She sometimes wears them in yoga too, but just when its cold.

Since you can't hear our excitement, we decided to show you just how excited we are with little notes on our faces.  I know, I know it covers up the cuteness but you need to understand how much we love playing with these little guys.  Bernardo wanted to go so far as to say "SUPER AWESOME" but he couldn't get it all on the post it.  You get the idea though!!!
Maybe, just maybe if we ask nice Jen will get us our own pairs when she goes out later today.  Naw, that won't be any fun.  It is better when we play with theirs.  It feels more natural to our little minkee personalities.  Ooohh, lets see what Brian has in his sock drawer......


Sidebar Badge

Update:  If you would like to have a Two Knit Monkeys badge, feel free to take it from the sidebar.  I figured out the HTML code (wow, still can't believe I figured that out) thanks to Carrie letting me poke around her site for a while.  Just add a page element: Configure HTML/Javascript and add the code.  Make sure to get the whole code or it won't work.  Let me know if you have any questions.

Multipurpose Bag

Mmmmmm.  Jen stopped off at the local Subway on her way home from yoga last night to get a veggie sandwich.   She loves those things.  I always ask her for a cucumber to put on my head (on top of a napkin of course), which she forgot.  Way to go butt head!  Um, sorry about the butt head thing.
After she finished eating I went into action playing with the bag.  I decided to turn it into a poncho so I could go outside in the rain.  Yep, it rained here again.  No power outages, thank goodness.  We watched us some Tony Bourdain and Kitchen Nightmares.  I get to cuss when Gordon Ramsay is on the T.V. screen, so I had a blast.  At one point I got a little carried away and there was a threat to wash my mouth out with soap, to which I say no thank you and quieted down.  

The unfortunate part of hanging out in the bag (besides the sound it made every time I moved) was the fact that I created a giant dutch oven.  They made me sleep out on the sunporch all by myself because of 'the smell'.  Well, I'm not doing that again!  I hope they let me sleep in the executive suites tonight.  

"Jeeeeennnnnnnn, I'm sorry I called you a butt head.  Can I play in your sock drawer today?  Pleeeeaaaassssseeeee!"


Something New

Wait..... Things look a little different around here.... What is going on?  Have aliens taken over?  We know the minkees are gay, but we just thought happy, right?   No seriously, what is going on?!?  

Lex over at Indelible Creations has given us a make over.  We just love her.  She has done some SUPER AWESOME work for us!  It started off simple as a favor to fix our feed and it turned into this.  Banner, mocha color scheme, textured chocolate side bars.  Yummy!!!!!  We don't even like chocolate, but love the theme.  

If you are looking for something new, check her out!  She is fantastic to work with and answers all of you questions (no matter how dumb they sound).  Get in touch with her before she becomes famous.

Hey Look at my sidebar!

Jen here.

Look at what I got!  Well, I actually paid for it, it was for a good cause.  I went to a Trivia Night benefit last Saturday and bid on two items.  One (big shock) was a knitting basket.  The other was an ad on Stirrup Queens and Sperm Jesters Palace.  The website hosts all kinds of questions and answers about infertility, pregnancy loss, adoption and such.  It has a lot of great resources for anyone going through a variety of situations.  Not really a monkey thing, but it is a good resource that many can find useful.

Feel free to borrow/steal this little number and place on your sidebar.  Be sure to link back here.  I am so excited about it.  I love the design.

Also, keep your eyes open for a few makeovers I am trying.  I am kinda bored with the whole white background, black letters thing.  Let me know what you think.  


Laundry Day Fashion Show

I'm Guillermo and you know what I mean when I do my little turn on the catwalk. On the catwalk. I do my little turn on the catwalk..... I'm too sexy for my shirt, to sexy for my shirt, so sexy it hurts...... 

What better to do on laundry day than to have a fashion show.  Bernardo acted as the designer and I was the muse.  Here are the highlights of our show:

Here we have Guillermo donning a fantastically yellow frock.  The sunflower color compliments his mocha complexion.

Hello Gandhi.  This little number is inspired by a Sari.  It is hard to make it look right on a tiny minkee though, not enough places to wrap.....

We call this little number pious minkee.  Check out the intricate crochet neck work.  Move over Pope, we have someone new in charge!  I'm going to throw out those 10 commandments and put some minkee rules in place!

After the fashion show, the designer came out to show his collection to the world.  Look for it in stores soon.  We're headed off for the after party.  Hey, wheres the champagne?  JEEEEEEEEENNNNNNNN, Can we have Mimosas?!?


Monkey Q & A

We are taking three questions this week for our Sunday Special Segment Series of Ask a Monkey.

The first comes from Therese:  Who do you think will win the next Food Network star?

Guillermo - Chef Cory, duh!  Hey Cory......  Remember me.....  

Bernardo - I hope it is Aaron. I like that guy.

Brian - Anybody but Lisa, she drives me nuts.

Jen - Lisa. I think she has what it takes, but needs to take it down a notch.

Shannon asks:  Boxers or Briefs?

Collective answer: We prefer to run around in nothing but our scarves. However, if we had a choice, boxers. It would be easier on our doodles/tails.

And last, but certainly not least, comes from Kandace:  What is your biggest fear?

Bernardo: My biggest fear is what is going to come out of Guillermo's butt next.
Guillermo: Getting lost in the jungle with noone to help me find my way home..... or get out of the tree.....

As always, you have a question why not ask a monkey.  


We're Bored Pt. 3

Day three of our movie recreations.  Today we focused on James Bond films.  If you haven't done so already, be sure to check out parts 1 & 2 from the past two days.

Gold Minkey stroking his kitty.

Bond, Guillermo Bond.  At least Gold Minkey told me his evil plans already.

Casino Royale Minkee 


Octopussy attacking Guillermo Bond.

We hope you enjoyed this weeks boredom session.  Who knows, you may get snippets from other movies.

As always, make sure to stop on by for Sunday's Monkey Q&A.


Friday Foto Finish Fiesta 7.25

I bought some Lia Sophia jewelry during this past school year.  This is the box that it came in.  This is not how the box looked when i purchased the jewelry however.
This is one of my favorites because I never realized how quickly my husband can destroy something and put in on a monkey without me seeing or hearing him.  Example, this particular day he asked me to go out into the kitchen and grab something.  OK, 15 feet there, open fridge, 15 feet back, complete straight face sitting next to G-mo whose head stuck in the box.  I like the tiara effect myself.  I got me one creative husband.


We Won an Award!!!

Well, Thank you Lori for nominating us for an award. We hope you had a nice vacation!

We don't know what to say, an award..... We would like to thank our creator Jen and Brian for all the adventures. We would also like to thank Cory from Hells Kitchen, Kate from Lost and all those chefs from the Food Network for 'Putting some sauce on it'!

Both my blogs were nominated for this award two days apart.  I am nominating the same people on both, I spent too long coming up with 7, I can't imagine 14.  If you haven't checked (or knew about) my other blog and are interested, click here.

Here's how it works:
1. Put the logo on your blog. Check
2. Add a link to the person who awarded it to you. Check
3. Nominate at least 7 other blogs. Check x7
4. Add links to these blogs on your blog. Check
5. Leave a message for your nominee on their blog. Working on it...

In no particular order I would like to nominate:

Mama Dawg for her daily dose of funny.  My favorite as of late was the photo bombers. (Make sure to click on the links)  Since then I have been on the lookout for people taking pictures so I can bomb someone.

Kandace from One Crazy Chick.  I loved her posts about her gay birds

Carrie over at Camp Candid Carrie because of the daily fun and adventures she takes us on.  However due to the nature of her site, I will not be offended if it just makes the sidebar.  

Shannon from 5 Phillips Kids for her families love of monkeys.

Miss Blondie and her boys love of boobs.

Jennifer over at The Fun House.  She's a lot of fun to read.  Warning, there is a clown at the top.  A friendly, not creepy clown.

And last but not least is Lindz over at Couture Me If You Can.  I just love her post about measuring imaginary wieners.

Go on and visit them and check out their blogs.  There is a lot of fun stuff out there. 

We're Bored! Pt. 2

We see that you came back for more.  Well, today our focus is on scenes from the Star Wars series.  Remember we are monkeys making due with what we have.  If you missed Pt. 1 make sure to check it out.
Guillermo Solo flies around in the Millenum Falcon helping Bernardo Skywalker save Princess Leah!

Help us Obi Won, your our only hope.

Guillermo Solo frozen in Carbonite

Guillermo Solo and Bernardo Skywalker in their Puma racers going through the jungle.

Empirial Walker Texas Monkeys

Make sure to stop by for tomorrows installment where we tackle some James Bond films.  Oh, yeah and the Friday Foto Finish Fiesta too. 


We're Bored! Pt. 1

This past Monday, we had a massive wind storm that knocked down trees and cut out power to a very large chunk of our area.  Two days later, we still have no power and it looks like we will be out until Friday.  So what are two monkeys to do?  We decided to recreate scenes from some movies and have Jen download and post them when she goes to her parents to recharge the laptop batteries.  Check back throughout the week to see what is new.  Here are today's installments:

Monkey of Arabia

Apocalypse Now Monkey

2001 A Space Monkey

Broke Back Monkey (couldn't resist this one!)

Monkey Wild West Show

Stop back ad see what else we have in store.  We hope to have some James Bond and Star Wars scenes soon.

Monkey Out!


Playing Craps

Hey all!  We've been very busy minkees since yesterday morning.  A big storm came through and knocked out our power (hopefully it will be back by tomorrow) and we had nothing to do but play all day.
Here we are playing craps.  We really don't know how to play, but we made up our own version.  We each rolled a die and bet on which monkey would get the higher score.  Then he would win those chips.  Well, Bernardo rolls like a fiend and he kicked my little minkee butt.  Then I got mad and threw some chips....  Well, we won't discuss the particulars.

Later on in the day we played Candyland, Bernardo won.  Then we played Boggle, Bernardo won that too.  He kept beating me at all the games except one.  We had a fart off.  I am the master of all things gassy, so of course I won.  Unfortunately, B-man passed out and hasn't come too yet. Oh, no!  Maybe I caused the power outage!  I'm going to go hide!


Doo Wop Twins Pt. 2

Last night, Jen and Brian went to a Trivia night to benefit a young boy named Parker who has a rare type of cancer.  (Overall, the benefit raised over $12,000!  Awesome!)  Trivia was played, they came in third.  There were tons of prize give aways and even a silent auction.  Jen bid on a couple of items, one of which is this fabulous yarn basket filled with a bunch of goodies.  It has 6 balls of yarn, a pair of knitting needles, 2 stitch markers, 2 lead free pewter purse rings (which may end up as necklaces) AND a $20 gift card to the local Yarn Shoppe!  Well, since Jen got a prize, we obviously had to play with it!
First off, we are minkees, and like to put things on our heads.  Guillermo seems to have a problem understanding what hair should look like.  We ended up dubbing it the mutton chop reach around since it goes all the way around his head.  He kinda looks like the cowardly lion, but don't tell him.  He's a little sensitive about the subject.
I am rockin' it with my Mohawk.  That's right ladies and gents, this is no fauxhawk, its a full blown Mohawk! Brian keeps saying I look like Buster Pointdexter, whoever that is.  I just know I look awesome!
As a special request from Candid Carrie, we donned our wigs and put on our cowboy hats.  (Odd how these things are just lying around this place.)  While looking at this lovely photo of us, think about these lyrics: "Stand by your minkee"  
Sorry to say we don't have cowboy boots, but you get the gist.  Maybe we can pick up a Vegas show....

Monkey Q & A

Welcome to our Sunday Special Segment Series of Ask a Monkey!

This weeks installment of Ask a Monkey features the questions of the one and only Candid Carrie. She had several questions, so we decided to put them all together in one post. However as always we encourage your questions and comments.

Question #1 is in reference to the carpet nightmares posts.

I know that when a carpet gets sick you call The Rug Doctor, but how does the carpet get laid?

Brian fielded this earlier: Well Carrie, if that IS your real name.... carpet gets 'laid' by Dr. Shagsalot...AKA Mr. SniffNcarpet...AKA Silas T. Rugmuncher. Duh!!!

Check out the post for some way funny extras on the comments.

Question #2
What is your favorite movie? And if you say planet of the apes, I will be upset.

Guillermo: Big Lebowski, any Pink Panther or Inspector Clouseau, I've picked up some of my "Seller-esque" moves from those:

Well, what kind of bomb was it?
The exploding kind.

Bernardo: I can't pick just one. Maybe one of Fellini's works.

Brian: Angel Heart, Blade Runner, many others wide and varied.

Jen: The Last Supper, Juno, The Dark Knight, whatever tickles my fancy at the moment.

Question #3 is in reference to our recent field trip to Egypt.
What did you guys do to the rest of the Pharaoh?

Guillermo here: I accidentally farted and well, blew the rest of it off. I hope I don't have to pay for anything, it wasn't my fault. I'm just farty by nature.

There was one anonymous entry this week as well.

Does the new carpet match the drapes?

Guillermo: Of course the carpets match the drapes. We planned it out that way, duh! Why wouldn't you plan that ahead of time. We kept a brown theme in the living room for a reason....

As always..... you have questions, why not have a monkey answer them. We would love some questions to be answered by our faithful viewers. We don't want this to be a lost segment.

***Update at 9:15 AM***
Carrie decided to ask a few more questions and due to the nature of one of them, we decided to address them now. They are all collective answers.

* What are you minkees stuffed with ... is it organic or synthetic?

We are stuffed with fiberfill, farts and love. A little organic and a little synthetic.

* Do the minkees sleep in a certain place at night or do they just get left laying where ever they were perched last?

We sleep in our executive suites at night, aka the headboard.

* What kind of camera do Jen and Brian (if that is your real name) use?

Canon PowerShot SD10. Has anyone ever heard of it? Probably not. It is seven years old and still as good as most on the market. We loves it.

* Does Brian even have a job? We know Jen721 works for hard as a teacher, making a difference, one thirteen year old at a time. All we know is that Brian has a goatee, collects guitars, won't let us see his unders, and he does yoga dance. The public deserves more.

This Question is the reason for our update... Brian has a job, he's also a teacher. He does have a goatee. The guitars, well he used to be in a band. His unders are his to share with the world if he chooses, his socks however have been donned on many a minkee head.
As for the Yoga, he does Ashtanga yoga, not yoga dance. I don't even think that exists, who knows. Ashtanga is a flowing type of yoga with poses done in a certain series and way. It's not for beginners. All those really hard yet cool poses you see people doing, comes from there. It is easier for Brian in the regards to upper body strength. Jen is more flexible. We are the perfect Yin & Yang when it comes to yoga.

Carrie also had a photo request. Once the minkees are out of their executive suites and presentable to the world there will be a photo shoot. Look for it later today. Doowop Twins Pt. 2


Friday Foto Finish Fiesta 7.18

This is one of my favorite photos of Bernardo. I love the blue ears. My husband actually cut them from an old pair of gloves he found. I just love it. Plus you get a rare half glimpse of the minkee creator. I hesitated posting this one because I am in it.
I simply love the photo though. And no, I'm not pissed off, I just look that way. Also, I have that weird pinky thing that has kept me from ANTM (America's Next Top Model)

If you missed out earlier in the week, make sure to check out the Doowop Twins!


We got a playground!!!!!

Jen got a big package in the mail yesterday and look what was in it!!!!  A minkee playground!!!!!  Well actually, she got a yarn baller and umbrella swift, but we are using it to play!  (Thanks for the B-Day present mom and pop)
Right here we are playing on the swift, it holds the yarn waiting to be spun into a ball.  Jen was getting pretty pissed off at us because we kept throwing her spin off, so we got down for a couple minutes.

You spin the yarn on that little thing.  There is a little crank off to the side.  Bernardo was quite helpful, he even spun a whole ball all by himself.  Kiss ass!

He was so proud of himself that he posed for this little photo.  He thinks he's the bee's knees but I know the truth.  He's just your everyday cheeky minkee just like me.

For me, I got a little stuck.  I asked Jen to spin me around a couple of times.  It was a lot of fun and that thing can go fast.  Only problem.....I kinda got a little sick on the yarn.  Sorry, I thought it would be fun.  You can't be mad at me, look how cute I am!


Guitar Graveyard

We recently had to relocate all of the items in the apartment in order to get new carpet.  It was pretty hard for us to carry, we are tiny, but we helped out and ordered Jen and Brian around while they took care of all of the moving.  Slowly, but surely, the apartment is coming back together with a few changes.  Today, Jen brought in all of the guitars.  There is an electric one, a classical one, a Tachamini (which rocks) and a bass.  We decided to give her a break for a bit and do some playing.  We are thinking about forming a band.....

Guillermo decided to play the Tachamini.  Great sound, but with no actual fingers to create the chords, it was a challenge.  He ended up trying to play with his butt and slide down the strings.  Good thing Brian isn't here to see his beloved Tach violated by a monkey ass!
I rocked out on the electric!  I felt like Jimmy Hendrix playing Purple Haze & Foxy Lady on stage.  Guillermo even danced like Garth!  It was awesome.  I employed the scarf method in order to get the chords.  You really only need to know 3 chords to be in a rock band.  At least for some (Nirvana comes to mind as one of them)
After we were done playing, we decided to take a break.  It takes a lot of energy to play, especially for a monkey.  It was cool, one of the cases had a little monkey sized table for us to put our drinks.  JEEEENNNN, CAN WE HAVE DRINKS?!?
So, ladies would you like to join us in the case whirlpool?  We're going to fill it in a bit.  We need to come up with some band names.... How about: Crisco Jesus; Bad Bananas; Guillermo and the Stooges; Audible Gass.....  What would you name our band?

DooWop Twins

Over the weekend, we had a sleepover.  We decided to provide some fun and entertainment, so we donned some yarn wigs, and sang our little heart out.  We sang some classics like It's My Party and I'll Cry if I want to, Sherie Baby, etc.  It was a lot of fun, I think we were a hit with all.  We are even thinking about taking our act on the road.  We'll have to see.  By the way, you can't see it, but G-Mo is wearing a pair of heels too.  He was struttin' his stuff like it was going out of style.  He also seemed a bit too comfy with that yarn wig.  I think he's done this before, it seemed so natural.  He is such a weird little monkey.


Watch the Doodle Missy!

Today, we are going to share an often unseen moment in our lives. We groom ourselves once our twice a week and take a suds and bubbles, but sometimes you need a little more than our little minkee mitts can handle. That's when Jen gets out this horribly loud apparatus. It is called a lint remover, and it gets rid of all those little pilly things that we get. It is usually pretty tickley and can be fun, sometimes I even toot to see if you can hear it over the motor.

However, she is NOT, I repeat, NOT, allowed to touch the fro (which both of us are trying to grow out) or our doodles/tail. You know what she did today!!! That's right, she went after my doodle!

'Jen, you know the rules, what do you think you were doing. What, it looked like I had a dingle berry. I like berries, whats the problem. Oh, that's what a dingle berry is. Well, I'm a fuzzy monkey, its bound to happen sooner or later!'

Scavenger Hunt Revield

I hope you had fun and enjoyed the field trip this past weekend.  And thank you all for cleaning up and recycling your beverage containers!  I had nothing to auction on e-bay :()

The winners are:  Rachel & Lori

Scavenger hunt answers:
  1. What does Jen do for a living?  Middle School Teacher & avid blogger
  2. How did Bernardo come to stay with us?  He was a present for the infamous nephew and got to attached and decided to stay.
  3. Who is Guillermo’s favorite character on Lost?  Kate, of course!
  4. What animal & it’s name did Guillermo and Bernardo meet on one of their field trips?  Foster the Dog
  5. What food did Bernardo eat that made him get sick?  Jackfruit
  6. What food did Guillermo eat that made him get sick?  Saurkraut, Deviled Eggs, Hot German Potato Salad, Corn Beef and Cabbage (only need 1 correct)
  7. What holiday did Guillermo overindulge on drinking and got sick?  St. Patty's Day.  He even passed out wearing his cape and evil overlord ears.
  8. What laundry item do the boyz like to wear on their heads?  Socks
  9. Name the 2 books the boyz have been caught reading?  Bunny Big and Bunny Small & The return of Bunny Suicides.  (also accepted Walt Disney)
  10. Name Guillermo’s favorite chef on Hell’s Kitchen.   Chef Cory, MEOW!!!
  11. What grew when Bernardo and Guillermo planted Jelly Beans?  Gummy Worm Tree
  12. What do the monkeys call their weekly baths?  Suds and Bubbles
  13. What date and post do you get to see the rare glimpse of Jen as an Andy Warhol photo?  5/19/08 ~ Tag We're It!
  14. On that same post, what famous person did Jen sing with AND what did he smell like?  Kenny Rogers smelled like Chicken
  15. Name the super heroes both Bernardo & Guillermo portray. AND Who is the villain?  B-Man ~ Captain Coconauts; G-Mo ~ Captain Bananas; and The Evil Overlord
Bonus entry question:

When Guillermo dances, He dances like He's at burning man (also accepted: MC Hammer.  He does both)!

Hey Cory, I got dressed up for you... Do you need help in the kitchen?  I am a good little chef.....  I know there are strict rules about primates in the kitchen, but you could make an exception for me....  Cory, please.  I am a very helpful minkee!!!


Monkey Q & A

If you didn't participate in yesterdays field trip, head over to Camp Candid Carrie and find out the rules. If you were here for the overnighter, don't forget to pack up your sleeping bags and take  all your things or else you may see them on an e-Bay auction later tonight.  We hope you enjoyed last nights' festivities as we did, and please be sure to recycle your beverage containers. (Look out for highlights of the festivities throughout the next week.)
By the way, the scavenger hunt is still running, contest ends at 11:00 PM tonight.  So, if you didn't participate yesterday there is still time.  Answers and winners will be announced tomorrow morning.

Now, on to this weeks Sunday Special Segment Series: Ask a Monkey.  We decided to spice it up this week and go for doorags instead of our typical sock hat.  Bernardo feels like Miss Cleo!
Candid Carrie said...
Dear B & G: Will you ever forgive Jen for not giving you any thumbs?

Collective Answer:  Yes, we have forgiven her, however, we make her do stuff that we really don't need help with.  Like some light grooming.  We want to make sure she stays in check.  The hardest thing for us to do is changing the channel on the T.V. or making prank, I mean phone calls.  The only phone we have ever been able to use properly is the beer phone.  But that's another story for another time. 

Dear Brian: Do the monkees ever mess with your stuff or just Jen's stuff.

Brian: Yes, half the socks on their heads are mine.  And they get into my underwear drawer.  Sometimes it gets tiring explaining the 'front pocket' to Guillermo.  Not to mention yesterday's Teepee!  

Dear Jen: If you have to rehome your monkees when you start a family, would you consider our home for them?

Guillermo here, I'm fielding this one: The answer is no, sorry.  We will find a way to fit in and create a unique family environment all our own.  We are comfy here, and we're not leaving without them.  

Jane @ Kidzarama said...
Have you ever wanted to visit Australia?

Collective Answer: Heck, yeah!  We would love to come to Australia!

And if so, what would you be looking forward to most?

Collective Answer: We would like to see Ayers Rock,  we hear its pretty cool.  We would also like to see Great Barrier Reef, Kakadu National Park and The Sydney Opera House.  Guillermo has dreams of singing on stage there.  

Guillermo:  I would also like to travel across Australia like they did in Adventures of Priscilla Queen of the Desert, one of Jen's favorite movies.  It would be cool to dress up in fancy dresses, ride a high heel on the top of the bus, sing and dance.  Pretty cool.  But it's not necessary, I can do that at home.

Bernardo:  I swear, Guillermo there is something wrong with you.  Watch out or that crazy Chris Crocker will come and snatch you away!

Guillermo: Oh, man I don't like that guy.  I give him two toots and a squiggle!

Lori said...
Dear Minkees: We know that you fart, but do you poop?

Guillermo:  Well, usually it's just a fart.  When I am playing around a bit too much and push too hard, I have had the occasional Shart.  

Bernardo:I usually won't sink to Guillermo's level and fart that much, no one farts that much.  I did on one occasion leave Jen a little present in her beads....

Jen: Yes, Bernardo I did find it.  Almost put it on a mala until I realized what it was exactly. You are lucky I didn't put it on there, I would have had one dissatisfied customer!  Speaking of which, why don't you go sit in the corner and think about what you have done!

Candid Carrie said...
Here's a question, how did you manage to get out of the house?

Bernardo: Usually, we swing around like the big monkeys do and get out through the sun porch, then shimmy on down the drain pipe and we are free.  

Does Jen have a minkee door?
Guillermo:  JEEEEENNNNNN!  Can we have a monkey door?  Man, we don't get nothin'!

Mama Dawg said...
I want to know what kind of topping you little monkeys like on your pizza. 

Bernardo: Jen and Brian usually grill their pizzas in the summer, AWESOME!  I like bugs on my half of the pizza topped with lots of cheese.

Guillermo:  On my side I put avocado, banana and cheese.  Then it gets grilled, until the cheese melts, yummo!

And...what is the meaning of life? (at least for monkeys)

Collective answer: The meaning of life for a monkey is: playing, having fun, going on adventures, dressing up, eating, sleeping and farting.  Oh yeah, and the occasional hugs and cuddles from our owners.  Its good to be a monkey!

Thank you for reading this weeks segment.  As always make sure to comment and leave a questions to get answered by the minkees pearls of wisdom.


Welcome all you field trippers!

Howdy All! 
Welcome to Primate Prairie Camp!  

We've pitched a tent to sleep in, Guillermo has gotten out his harmonica to play some old western tunes for you today, and Bernardo put on a pot of his famous baked beans.  So, make yourself at home and stay a while.  If you are lucky, Guillermo will eat some of the famous Bernardo's Baked Beans and harmonize with his harmonica!

If you are here on the field trip you already know the rules. If not, check out Camp Candid Carrie to find out how the field trip works.

We do have new carpet, so make sure to wipe your feet or take off your shoes.  And also, we will be running around on the site today, so make sure to watch where your steppin'.  We're only 12"tall.

Since you are here on a field trip today we've decided to have a scavenger hunt to boot.  Two winners will be chosen at random. Contest will run until 11:00 PM Sunday 7/13/08.

What’s on the line you ask?!? Your choice of:

a) $10.00 Starbucks gift card

b) $10.00 Target gift card

c) 2 monkey key toppers in your choice of pink, purple, blue or grey

d) knit lamb

e) knit octopus

f) Choice of 1 of the necklaces seen here.

And your favorite monkey photo from the site autographed by both Guillermo and Bernardo. You indicate the post photo, and that's it. (The knit animals will take approx. a week.)

Without further ado, here are the questions for today’s festivities, all found somewhere on this blog. Once you find the answers, e-mail them to me at: jen72175@gmail.com AND post a comment below.  Answers will only be accepted once.

Oops, almost forgot!  There are also two ways to get a bonus entry. 
1.) answer the bonus entry question at the bottom .
2.) in the comments, post a question for our Ask A Monkey special segment.  (please put Monkey Q&A at the top of comment.  It can be done at the same time as your entry)
Yes, you can get two bonus entries.

Ready, set, go:

Scavenger hunt questions:
  1. What does Jen do for a living?
  2. How did Bernardo come to stay with us?
  3. Who is Guillermo’s favorite character on Lost?
  4. What animal & it’s name did Guillermo and Bernardo meet on one of their field trips?
  5. What food did Bernardo eat that made him get sick?
  6. What food did Guillermo eat that made him get sick?
  7. What holiday did Guillermo overindulge on drinking and got sick?
  8. What laundry item do the boyz like to wear on their heads?
  9. Name the 2 books the boyz have been caught reading?
  10. Name Guillermo’s favorite chef on Hell’s Kitchen.
  11. What grew when Bernardo and Guillermo planted Jelly Beans?
  12. What do the monkeys call their weekly baths?
  13. What date and post do you get to see the rare glimpse of Jen as an Andy Warhol photo?
  14. On that same post, what famous person did Jen sing with AND what did he smell like?
  15. Name the super heroes both Bernardo & Guillermo portray. AND Who is the villain?
Bonus entry question:

When Guillermo dances, He dances like _______________!

We will take entries until 11:00 PM CST Sunday 7/13/08

Winners will be chosen at random and will be contacted via e-mail when you can choose your prize. Questions and answers will be revealed Monday morning as well as the winners.

Happy Hunting!


Friday Foto Finish Fiesta 7.11

Jen here. For this weeks Friday Foto Finish Fiesta, hosted by Candid Carrie, I chose this series.

This is one of my favorite fotos of all time because this time, my husband got me. If you have ever read this blog before you know that my husband likes to put my two little minkees into all sorts of funny places/poses/etc. Well, this day he got me. I went downstairs to make breakfast, and came up and couldn't find the monkeys. I saw this on the couch, but didn't put two and two together.
In case you don't see what I am talking about, look below ( I staged this one)
I looked everywhere! Out on the sun porch, In the bedroom, bathroom, under the bed, in my beads, in the yarn basket, behind the fish tank, In the sock drawer, On the computer desk, In Brian's sock drawer, closet, in the cabinet, BEHIND the pillows, everywhere! I even had to go find Brian and ask him where they were, and I couldn't find him either. I then went back into the living room and discovered where they were. Inside the pillow cases. I then laughed so hard at myself I had tears rolling down my face. Yes ladies and gentlemen I laughed so hard I cried. When the hubby came upstairs he figured I was having some female emotional issue and didn't ask me about it. In fact, his reading this later today will be his first experience with the whole story and I am expecting a "dumb ass" comment to follow. What, I think I hear him coming.....


Spare Body Parts

Jen!!!!!  What did we say about making new animals!!!  We are the only ones you need, do you hear us.  We had to poke it with a stick to make sure it wasn't going to get up and walk around the room.  Don't want that happening again!  

Once we decided it was OK, we decided to put that leg to good use, as a punching bag!  We want you to know your place it this house you blue freak!  And, we need our daily exercise to keep out cute little figures.
Bernardo went all Kung Fu minkee on that thing.  I thought he was going to break it.  That's right newbie, you don't want to stay around here, got it!
After our workout, I decided to use it as my karaoke microphone.  I sang all of my favorite songs.  I don't know why Jen and Bernardo left.  Their loss.  'I'm not a girl, just a monkey...'  I love that Britney Spears.  What ever happened to her?  Who knows, I just love singing her songs.  'Oops I farted again, its burning your eyes, I'll go it again.....'
Hey Jen, what is this thing going to be?  A girl, did you say a girl!  OMG, I am so sorry.  I just beat up a girl!  Maybe if I primp myself up and take an extra suds and bubbles, do you think she'll like me?!  What, we're not keeping her?  But I want a girlfriend.  No, there won't be any baby knit monkeys running around.  I'm not anatomically correct, you should know you made me!  Yes I am mature enough to handle it.  FINE, mail her off, I'm saving myself for Cory anyway!  'Don't you wish your monkey was hot like me, don't you wish your monkey was a freak like me, Don'tcha......'

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