We're Bored! Pt. 2

We see that you came back for more.  Well, today our focus is on scenes from the Star Wars series.  Remember we are monkeys making due with what we have.  If you missed Pt. 1 make sure to check it out.
Guillermo Solo flies around in the Millenum Falcon helping Bernardo Skywalker save Princess Leah!

Help us Obi Won, your our only hope.

Guillermo Solo frozen in Carbonite

Guillermo Solo and Bernardo Skywalker in their Puma racers going through the jungle.

Empirial Walker Texas Monkeys

Make sure to stop by for tomorrows installment where we tackle some James Bond films.  Oh, yeah and the Friday Foto Finish Fiesta too. 



I can harly wait for James Bond monkey. Will you have all the beautiful women also.

I hear it now, "I'm Bond. Guillermo Bond".

Candid Carrie

Are they sitting in a Kleenix box in that top picture?

Oh, this stuff is too good to stay hidden. Move over Mr. Bill, these minkees need to make a MasterCard commercial ;)


What are you doing up so late??

I am loving the movies! I think you may have a future in this!


I'd say that they are pretty damn resourceful!

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