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If you didn't participate in yesterdays field trip, head over to Camp Candid Carrie and find out the rules. If you were here for the overnighter, don't forget to pack up your sleeping bags and take  all your things or else you may see them on an e-Bay auction later tonight.  We hope you enjoyed last nights' festivities as we did, and please be sure to recycle your beverage containers. (Look out for highlights of the festivities throughout the next week.)
By the way, the scavenger hunt is still running, contest ends at 11:00 PM tonight.  So, if you didn't participate yesterday there is still time.  Answers and winners will be announced tomorrow morning.

Now, on to this weeks Sunday Special Segment Series: Ask a Monkey.  We decided to spice it up this week and go for doorags instead of our typical sock hat.  Bernardo feels like Miss Cleo!
Candid Carrie said...
Dear B & G: Will you ever forgive Jen for not giving you any thumbs?

Collective Answer:  Yes, we have forgiven her, however, we make her do stuff that we really don't need help with.  Like some light grooming.  We want to make sure she stays in check.  The hardest thing for us to do is changing the channel on the T.V. or making prank, I mean phone calls.  The only phone we have ever been able to use properly is the beer phone.  But that's another story for another time. 

Dear Brian: Do the monkees ever mess with your stuff or just Jen's stuff.

Brian: Yes, half the socks on their heads are mine.  And they get into my underwear drawer.  Sometimes it gets tiring explaining the 'front pocket' to Guillermo.  Not to mention yesterday's Teepee!  

Dear Jen: If you have to rehome your monkees when you start a family, would you consider our home for them?

Guillermo here, I'm fielding this one: The answer is no, sorry.  We will find a way to fit in and create a unique family environment all our own.  We are comfy here, and we're not leaving without them.  

Jane @ Kidzarama said...
Have you ever wanted to visit Australia?

Collective Answer: Heck, yeah!  We would love to come to Australia!

And if so, what would you be looking forward to most?

Collective Answer: We would like to see Ayers Rock,  we hear its pretty cool.  We would also like to see Great Barrier Reef, Kakadu National Park and The Sydney Opera House.  Guillermo has dreams of singing on stage there.  

Guillermo:  I would also like to travel across Australia like they did in Adventures of Priscilla Queen of the Desert, one of Jen's favorite movies.  It would be cool to dress up in fancy dresses, ride a high heel on the top of the bus, sing and dance.  Pretty cool.  But it's not necessary, I can do that at home.

Bernardo:  I swear, Guillermo there is something wrong with you.  Watch out or that crazy Chris Crocker will come and snatch you away!

Guillermo: Oh, man I don't like that guy.  I give him two toots and a squiggle!

Lori said...
Dear Minkees: We know that you fart, but do you poop?

Guillermo:  Well, usually it's just a fart.  When I am playing around a bit too much and push too hard, I have had the occasional Shart.  

Bernardo:I usually won't sink to Guillermo's level and fart that much, no one farts that much.  I did on one occasion leave Jen a little present in her beads....

Jen: Yes, Bernardo I did find it.  Almost put it on a mala until I realized what it was exactly. You are lucky I didn't put it on there, I would have had one dissatisfied customer!  Speaking of which, why don't you go sit in the corner and think about what you have done!

Candid Carrie said...
Here's a question, how did you manage to get out of the house?

Bernardo: Usually, we swing around like the big monkeys do and get out through the sun porch, then shimmy on down the drain pipe and we are free.  

Does Jen have a minkee door?
Guillermo:  JEEEEENNNNNN!  Can we have a monkey door?  Man, we don't get nothin'!

Mama Dawg said...
I want to know what kind of topping you little monkeys like on your pizza. 

Bernardo: Jen and Brian usually grill their pizzas in the summer, AWESOME!  I like bugs on my half of the pizza topped with lots of cheese.

Guillermo:  On my side I put avocado, banana and cheese.  Then it gets grilled, until the cheese melts, yummo!

And...what is the meaning of life? (at least for monkeys)

Collective answer: The meaning of life for a monkey is: playing, having fun, going on adventures, dressing up, eating, sleeping and farting.  Oh yeah, and the occasional hugs and cuddles from our owners.  Its good to be a monkey!

Thank you for reading this weeks segment.  As always make sure to comment and leave a questions to get answered by the minkees pearls of wisdom.


Candid Carrie

Hi - (pretend it isn't me) ... the public wants pictures of the monkey's in Brian's underwear drawer ...


We'll try. He keeps it locked up pretty tight after Guillermo left him a present in there.


You should tell Brian a buch of women want to get into in drawers. Oh yeah see the monkeys in his drawers.

Mama Dawg

Too funny.

Hmmmm....my question is: What is your favorite song (I'd like an answer from both monkeys, please) and why is it your favorite?

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