Cute Sharks

Here we are playing one of our favorite games, cute shark.  You have to have the theme from Jaws going through your head.  Da da, da da, etc, but exchange cute shark, cute shark, etc.  We chase each other around the room and sometimes climb up on Jen and Brian.  Jen always laughs because our little minkee butts wiggle around when we are playing.  This is us playing on the old ucky carpet. It is actually a dark brown, you can't tell because of the flash.  You can see all the stuff from the apartment behind us on the sun porch.  It was quite depressing with no furniture in here for a few days, but we managed.
We're all better now.  Look at this new carpet.  Way nicer, more plush and it has that new carpet smell.  We keep making fun of the name, Haystack.  We could have come up with a better name, like fluffy monkey pie.  We need the job of naming carpet or paint colors.  That would be fun.  And we could help pay our part around here.  Maybe get ourselves minkee hammocks or something or a pretty bobble for Jen's b-day later this month.  Who knows what we would buy.
Anyway....  While playing cute shark, we made it outside and found a few unused smoke bombs from the neighbors party.  Crafty Bernardo used his five finger/nipple hand discount and took them.  We usually aren't big on fireworks.  The word fire makes us run in fear, we don't want to get all burned up.  But maybe if we ask nice and get adult assistance we can play with the smoke bombs.  It may cover the smell of one of my farts. :()

Also, don't forget to add your questions for our weekly segment: Ask A Monkey.  You can ask more than one, ask a specific monkey, what have you.  We look forward to hearing from you.

Guillermo Out...



Nice carpet. Whens Jen's Birthday?


We'll give you a hint. Her id is jen721 (7/21)

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