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Update:  If you would like to have a Two Knit Monkeys badge, feel free to take it from the sidebar.  I figured out the HTML code (wow, still can't believe I figured that out) thanks to Carrie letting me poke around her site for a while.  Just add a page element: Configure HTML/Javascript and add the code.  Make sure to get the whole code or it won't work.  Let me know if you have any questions.


Candid Carrie

I am glad it was you digging and not the minkees ... at least you copied the code, they would have tried to rewrite it ;)

This Mom

Your new button is on one of my sites and if I ever have a moment without my kids yelling at me I will but it on my other blog too

Miss Blondie

I guess i'm a little slow b/c i just hopped over here....and....i thought i might have been in the wrong place!! I'm lovin the new style!! And the button is pretty darn cute too!


I got the badge! I hope you minkees don't forget about us little people now that you're all snazzy and famous and stuff.


They look sooo cute in my sidebar. Thanks


I grabbed a button :)

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