Doo Wop Twins Pt. 2

Last night, Jen and Brian went to a Trivia night to benefit a young boy named Parker who has a rare type of cancer.  (Overall, the benefit raised over $12,000!  Awesome!)  Trivia was played, they came in third.  There were tons of prize give aways and even a silent auction.  Jen bid on a couple of items, one of which is this fabulous yarn basket filled with a bunch of goodies.  It has 6 balls of yarn, a pair of knitting needles, 2 stitch markers, 2 lead free pewter purse rings (which may end up as necklaces) AND a $20 gift card to the local Yarn Shoppe!  Well, since Jen got a prize, we obviously had to play with it!
First off, we are minkees, and like to put things on our heads.  Guillermo seems to have a problem understanding what hair should look like.  We ended up dubbing it the mutton chop reach around since it goes all the way around his head.  He kinda looks like the cowardly lion, but don't tell him.  He's a little sensitive about the subject.
I am rockin' it with my Mohawk.  That's right ladies and gents, this is no fauxhawk, its a full blown Mohawk! Brian keeps saying I look like Buster Pointdexter, whoever that is.  I just know I look awesome!
As a special request from Candid Carrie, we donned our wigs and put on our cowboy hats.  (Odd how these things are just lying around this place.)  While looking at this lovely photo of us, think about these lyrics: "Stand by your minkee"  
Sorry to say we don't have cowboy boots, but you get the gist.  Maybe we can pick up a Vegas show....


Candid Carrie

Oh totally crack me up! And I do see Buster Pointdexter and he does look, "Hot Hot Hot" ...

Brian and Jen, you guys are way too young to be familiar with these songs and movies from **shuddering** my era. I saw the Pink Panther movie at the drive in (wait for it) ...

... with my parents ;)


I just can't get my hair to have that kind of body or volume.....


Love the hair. I have a minkey question...

Do you ever belly dance with Jen and if so do you wear the hip scarf with the coins?

Mama Dawg

I love the cowboy hats. Can we say, hello country minkees?

I love the Buster Poindexter look. However, you are much cuter than Buster.

Candid Carrie

Now I see he has more of a Jimmy Neutron look, all geeky and smartish.


I'm so glad the monkeys like the basket! Can you believe...third? We'd have come in even higher if we'd gone with our first instincts!


Those cowboy hats. That hair. It's so Dolly Parton. :-)

This Mom

I LOVE the doos. I cannot wait to see what you guys can find to play with in the basket when Jen isn't home.


Nice hair. Yarn hair looks totally fab on knit monkeys!

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