Field Trippin'

Today, we have some limited entertainment. We can't play on the sun porch due to the carpet nightmare that Jen and Brian are suffering from. So today, we decided to spin to globe and wherever is stops that's where we'll go. Well it looks like we are headed off for a field trip to Egypt. (By the way, do you know how hard it is to spin a globe with tiny nipple hands. Pretty hard!)

When we went over to Egypt we first explored the Great Pyramids. While inside, we decided to play mummy and scare the tourists. Bernardo was dressed like a mummy, and chased people around. He's pretty good at his mummy walk. He has had practice before. However, they weren't too happy with us for doing that and we were asked to leave, then escorted out. We did take some pictures inside, but when we were escorted out one of the guys formatted our memory card. We didn't have permission from the people Bernardo scared to take their picture. Some liability issue. Whatever! However, I did throw a fit and started whining and crying, our escort was then nice enough to get this little picture of Bernardo and I with the Pharaohs head. Pretty cool.

After the pyramids, we headed off to the local bazaar to check out some shops. I wanted to buy Jen this really pretty fabric we found, but had no money. Its the thought that counts, right? I thought about distracting the owner with my cuteness and have Bernardo steal it. I then learned what happens to people who steal, they get their hand cut off. HECK NO, I don't want that to happen so we kept venturing down the bazaar. There were neat shops and a lot of unfamiliar food.

Eventually we made our way to the Nile. I wanted to go on a rafting excursion, but once again Bernardo was there with the save. We can take our weekly suds and bubbles, but we can't get wet in a river. We would never dry out and the rushing water could carry a body part away. We are made of yarn you know. Since that was a bust we decided to head home and see what was going on there. Maybe cheer Jen up and help her through this carpet nightmare....



Gosh, you all travel so well! The jet lag doesn't get you huh?

Mama Dawg

B & G, I gave you little monkeys and award. Go by my place and pick it up!

Candid Carrie

What did you guys do with the rest of the Pharoh?

What is your favorite movie and if you say planet of the apes I will be sadly disappointed.


I accidentally farted the rest of it off. I hope I don't have to pay for anything. I am just a farty monkey, I can't help it!


"Tiny nipple hands" Ha!

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