OMG this thing is awesome!!!!!

Last night Jen and Brian when over to Jen's folks for dinner. When they got there Jen got this minkee purse as a gift from her parents. Jen says it is a coin purse, I say it is awesome! I have been struttin' my stuff around here wearing this puppy all day. I do look fetching if I do say so myself.
Being the curious sort of creature I had to check this thing out from all angles. I doesn't fit much, just half a muzzle. Can't blame a minkee for trying. I think it is pretty cool that Jen's folks are keeping the minkee tradition alive.
Well, I am off to find more uses for this thing. If you have any ideas let me know. Oh and FYI, I already have used it as a fart holder so you will need to come up with something different.

Guillermo out!


Mr. Kitty

Jen finally made a creature we can get along with.  We are calling him Mr. Kitty and have been playing with him/her for the last couple of days.
Mr. Kitty is pretty nice.  He/she likes to sit in my lap and purr.  Every once in a while it gets rather mad at me when I toot.  In fact it runs and hides and I have to go and find it.....  Sorry Mr. Kitty, I am a gassy minkee.
I hate to break it to you guys but Mr. Kitty is leaving us next Thursday.  It is a birthday present for a friend's daughter.  Sorry, if you really like it maybe I can another but you have to promise not to fart on it!

Maybe that isn't such a good idea.  I don't think I can not not fart on it.....


Rainy Day Blues

It started storming while we were still in bed sleeping.  Lost of thunder and lightning and an all day downpour.  What are a couple of minkees supposed to do?
First of all we headed out to the sunporch and helped Jen work on her puzzle.  Not really a minkee thing, but what else is there to do.  Plus do you know how hard it is to put puzzle pieces in place with nipple hands?!?  It is really hard.
Then we headed into the house to check out the aquariums.  This is the new Beta, Blanco.  He was named that because when he was first brought home he was pure white.  As he ages he becomes more red everyday.  

In the other aquarium all of the fish were hiding so we had to find something else.
We figured that since it is so cold outside that we would don some hats and settle down with a good book.
We picked up Babar's Yoga for Elephants.  There were some funny looking poses in there.  We did try some out (in the privacy of the basement) and had a day with it.
Tomorrow it will be a better day.  91 and humid.  We can work on our minkee fros a
nd play in front of the fan.  God times, good times!


Minkee Test Kitchen - Iron Chef inspiration

Last night on Iron Chef the theme ingredient was Bananas.  AWESOME!!!!!  That inspired us to head into the kitchen and see what we can concoct.  Bernardo, started out by mashing up some Banana Cheerios with the meddler he found in the drawer.  After they get nice and grainy we had Jen coat some banana pieces with it and fry them up.  (we aren't allowed near the oven...)
Last night they also featured a 'new' cooking technique where the food is vacuum sealed and placed in hot water.  We couldn't think of what to cook, but our summer resident frog had an idea.....
He hopped his body into this Ziploc vacuum seal bag and sealed himself up. 
Afterward he went for a nice, relaxing dip in some warm water.  Not too warm though!  We didn't want him to cook.  I don't think frog and banana go together!
For an appetizer we created Banana shaved ice.  We took some of the Popsicles from the freezer and saved them down and put a little banana Cheerio crunch on top.  It was a hit.
Here is the close up pre crunch.  Yummo!  
Last but not least was a banana martini with Carmel sauce.  We added some class by topping it off with a strawberry.
Bernardo had to come over and make sure it was top quality.
Unfortunately it won't make it to any competition because we kinda drank it.  Don't put anything banana in front of these minkees because we can't help ourselves.
Speaking of which, where did the banana Cheerios go?????


It finally happened!

As most of you know we are monkeys obsessed with bananas. Well tonight on Iron Chef the secret ingredient was of all things bananas which = awesome! We wish we were Iron Chef Flay making those delicious entrees. The banana ice cream with hazelnut brittle was to die for. We be jealous minkees tonight. Maybe we will have to cook in the kitchen tomorrow!

Minkees out!


You can recreate a monkey.....

But their habits will stay the same.  As soon as I brought up warm laundry this happened.  I just turned my back for a few seconds, heard the giggling, and knew something was up.  I can see that some things will never change.  Never let a monkey near the warm laundry!
Oh, My God!!!!  These are SUPERAWESOME!!!!!


Ahh.... We're back

We have been away at a Spa vacation.  We had all kinds of relaxing treatments to make us nice and tight.  There was the seaweed body wrap to shrink our tummies, a little Botox around the muzzles and mud masks.  It was awesome.  We got used to a lot of pampering!
Thanks to our vacation I lost several ounces of excess fluff.  As an added bonus Jen made us some handsome summer scarves.  I think it makes me look fetching.
While away, I also got a tummy tuck and a butt lift.  I still have my round ampleness, but not quite so ample.  I really like my scarf too.  Maybe we can work on getting it untangled.
Expect to hear more of our adventures soon.

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