Ahh.... We're back

We have been away at a Spa vacation.  We had all kinds of relaxing treatments to make us nice and tight.  There was the seaweed body wrap to shrink our tummies, a little Botox around the muzzles and mud masks.  It was awesome.  We got used to a lot of pampering!
Thanks to our vacation I lost several ounces of excess fluff.  As an added bonus Jen made us some handsome summer scarves.  I think it makes me look fetching.
While away, I also got a tummy tuck and a butt lift.  I still have my round ampleness, but not quite so ample.  I really like my scarf too.  Maybe we can work on getting it untangled.
Expect to hear more of our adventures soon.



Love you guys! Glad to see you're back! I look forward to more stories! =)

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