OMG this thing is awesome!!!!!

Last night Jen and Brian when over to Jen's folks for dinner. When they got there Jen got this minkee purse as a gift from her parents. Jen says it is a coin purse, I say it is awesome! I have been struttin' my stuff around here wearing this puppy all day. I do look fetching if I do say so myself.
Being the curious sort of creature I had to check this thing out from all angles. I doesn't fit much, just half a muzzle. Can't blame a minkee for trying. I think it is pretty cool that Jen's folks are keeping the minkee tradition alive.
Well, I am off to find more uses for this thing. If you have any ideas let me know. Oh and FYI, I already have used it as a fart holder so you will need to come up with something different.

Guillermo out!



When the minkees go the kindergarten, maybe they can put their Show and Tell stuff in it.

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