All is forgiven... Now on to New Years Eve festivities.

We thought all was ruined earlier today after the 'incident'.  However a package came in the mail from Candid Carrie,  one of Jen's bloggy friends and all has now been forgiven.  Check out this shwag!  We are going to be the kings of the New Years Eve party tonight.

Apparently Carrie is from the land of cheese.  We were told that there are rituals up in Wisconsin where people put cheese on their heads for this thing called 'foot ball'.   While we have no idea what this 'foot ball' thing is we love to wear things on our heads so all is good!
We look super cool in these so we had to give you a couple of close ups to show off this awesome shwag!  We look superawesome!!!!!
Bernardo is now property of the Packers.  Whatever that means.  Brian had some comments about that but Jen stopped him.  He was being 'inappropriate'.  Whatever, we think its cool!
I think we will use this new cup to sip our midnight Champagne.  Or maybe Jen will share a Mimosa?!?  

We better get going so we can help Jen in the kitchen finishing up goodies for tonight's get together.  We are getting ready for some friends, music, chatting, yoga (it always happens) and some wii Snowboarding fun!

Whatever your plans are, have a safe Happy New Year!

See you next year!

Bad Jen... NO!

Here I am lying out in the sun.  It is so warm and toasty, you would think I am working on my tan.  Nope!
I am drying out!  I am so mad at Jen right now, no apology will do.  She has lost minkee privileges for 2 days!
I know it is harsh, but what would you do in my situation?  She spilled a beer on my lower body and legs Monday night!!!!!  I had to be rushed to the sink and 'Rinsed'!  I just had my weekly suds and bubbles and then that!  Not to mention the smell!  I was rinsed several times, my butt sniffed for odor (and yes, I blew *ss on her once or twice to let her know I am mad!), and then rinsed some more.  You want to know the most humiliating part?!?  I    was    sprayed    with    Fabreez!!!!!  I no longer smell like a minkee.  I feel humiliated and Jen should be too!  I am going to go lay in the sun some more to make sure I am completely dried out!

Jen here.  Guillermo for the hundredth time, I am truly sorry.  Please give me minkee privileges back.  I didn't mean to do spill on you.

At least it wasn't wine.....


Getting ready for the Holiday... Finally!

Well, the family is coming over tonight to Celebrate X-mas.  This year is all about togetherness instead of gifts.  Everyone is chipping in and fixing part of our non-traditional meal, then hang around and play games and chat.  It will be a really fun night.  Hopefully we will get to hang out downstairs and join in the festivities!  
By the way, do you like Jen's holiday cardigan?  I know she was planning on wearing it tonight, but maybe she'll let us instead!  "No, wait....  Jen please!!!  We just want to be festive......  Minkee nuts!  Fine, you can wear it."

(pouting) minkee out!


Rainy day fun

With another icky day in the QC there is nothing to do but find something to play with indoors.  We were rooting through Jen's school bag when we came across these interesting things called Smencils.  If you don't know already Smencil means smelly pencils.
Jen has Rootbeer, Peppermint and Tropical Blast and they actually smell like what they say.  The Tropical Blast takes us back to our days in the jungle.  Good times, good times!  Oooh, I wonder if there would be a market for minkee scented pencils.  I could toot in one of the tubes!  They could call it a Stencil for Stinky pencil!  What do you think?!?

By the way, we looked at the forecast and even though it is supposed to rain all day the temp will get up to 51.  I wonder if we can have some sun porch time!  Were gonna go bother BG and see if he will let us.

Minkee out!

***** Update*****
Well, Brian gave us permission to head on out to the sun porch to play but there seems to be a problem.  I guess Jen doesn't clean out there until spring and there are these things called 'Dust Bunnies' that make it their domain.  Brian said he can't guarantee that they won't attack while we're playing.  So, we are going to hang inside today and hoot it up.  Dust Bunnies sound like serious business!


Adopt-a-minkee....for Ann

Hello Ann,

B-mo and G-mo here...it is nice to chat with you. Thanks for the props in your blog (Annsrandomblog.blogspot.com). You seem to be into the yoga/Ashtanga yoga as well! BG and Jen are nuts about it too, and we sometimes practice with them as well. We're naturally flexible (I mean, we ARE floppy minkees!!), but 5 Navasanas (check it out at around: 1:45 minutes) is enough to take the wind out of any one's sails. Except maybe for Guillermo...he ALWAYS has enough wind...for anything.

Fortunately, we managed to intercept your blog post about taking in the new minkee, before Jen and BG saw it.

Unfortunately, at this time, we are accepting no new minkee applications. We are very territorial about our owners/creators (tho Jen is the one who made us...BG didn't do SH*T! But he is cool, too), and only the rare stuffed minkee makes it into THESE digs, lemma tell ya. Nothing personal towards the new guy, but as the saying goes: "You buy it, YOU take care of it!" Believe me, our creators have their hands full with just the two of US!

Jen and BG said to tell you: Have a great holiday week!

They are grumpy at having missed yoga, and just the generally pissy weather, but they are nice people and wish everyone a great time. Be safe.

As for these two minkees: we are OUT!




It's 33 below zero (windchill) and snowing again. It must be Tuesday! SH*T!

This is GSNOW- Guillermo and 33BELOW-Bernardo coming at you from our cozy little niche in the Arctic Circle. It is, in a word: cold. In two words: liquid oxygen. This winter has been brutal so far, we fear we are going to turn into minkee-pops one of these days. Brrrrrr. Our little minkee harbles are freezing!

We decided to catch some exploring time, and possibly a nice case of hypothermia by bundling up something fierce and exploring the sun porch. It is not insulated, so we don't play out there past September! We missed it though, so we put on our polar gear (yeah, socks and more socks. Hey, they don't make sno-pants our size!) and 'hit the Arctic'!

To be more accurate: IT hit US...the cold that is.
Like sitting naked on a sno-cone eating ice cream.

It is unbelievable cold out here. The vast, snow-covered tundra stretched out before us. Strange patterns of frost lie etched across the windows in the fading 'winter-light'. Guillermo said he saw a penguin wearing long johns, but I don't really believe that... I think it was just a cardinal. There were no reindeer to be seen, although we both thought we heard wolves more than once, and the only overweight "man in red" was the neighbor up the street trying to scrape the ice off of his driveway. We waved, but he didn't seem particularly "jolly", either.
Ho Ho Ho, indeed.
We decided to head back into the house: My nose was going numb, and Guillermo declared that he was: " 'Nippin' something FIERCE!" Juvenile, but undoubtedly true. REAL TALK !

We made some cocoa and warmed up, and then we had a great idea! Jen left her cell phone here, and we thought: "Hey, let's give BG's nephew a call!" (he is currently in Morocco...he says he's in the Peace Core, but we think he actually went there to play with some of our cousins, as seen in Exhibit A):

It was a no-go however. We just could NOT get through, we tried everything. At one point I think I actually got the North Pole. Fortunately, I was able to hang up before G-mo got started on his "winter rant" ("Let's warm it UP, Fat Boy!")....I swear, that minkee is going to get coal in his stocking...or worse.

Finally, after being put on hold from someone in Rabat, we just gave up. So we're send him a shout-out here on our blog!

Hope everyone stays warm and safe...like us!

PS...um....Jen? Morocco is a LOCAL call, right? Jen? Or maybe perhaps "roaming" fees apply?


Best Christmas Present EVER... KNIT BEER!!!!

Jen is turning into quite the little knitter.  This year for Christmas she knit her pops the only thing he would ever want knit.... a beer!  He looks pleasantly surprised, doesn't he!  Her da is going to take it to work and sit it on his desk since there are 'rules' about drinking at work.  Kent is going to be sooo jealous!  (and yes it was packaged in a brown paper sack!)
Being a minkee blog we had to pose with the beer.
And Jen had to drink the beer.
And Bernardo joined in the fun!
We better stop G-mo before he gets wasted.....
I wonder if Jen can knit a few minkee sized brews for us.....


Techno Minkees

Is there a better way to spend a Satday than this?  Hanging out in the chair, wearing some socks?  Well.....
Oh yeah, thats the stuff.  We put on save rave music got out the glow sticks and whistles and had at it.
Now, were spent.  Who knew hooting and dancing around the apartment would take so much out of us.  Good thing we don't have anything on the agenda to do today except play, play, play!
Hey Jen.... Would you turn the music back on?  We're ready for round 2.  We are going to sleep well tonight!


Tis the Season to be Minkee Fx4

We minkees love the holidays. And with 'Death Storm 2008' heading our way what better way to spend our day than dressing up in some holiday get ups.
Hopefully our cuteness will take everyones minds off of the horrific weather coming our way. It looks like up to 3/4" of ice accumulation with up to 8 inches of snow on top, yuck. However, these storms have a tendency to miss us almost completley. Let's hope!

To continue on with the holiday spirit we would like to leave you with a little ditty:

Well the weather outside is frightful
But being a minkee is delightful
And since there's no place to go
Let's play a while with G-mo

It's so cold outside the winds biting
So good thing we have a wii for fighting
Bernardo grab the wii control
and play a while with G-mo

When Jen finally tucks us in goodnight,
With our nightcaps on real tight
Off to our cleft we'll go
And listen to the snores of G-mo

The night is slowly dying,
And Jen is still a blogging
But as long as you love us so
Happy Holidays from B-Man and G-Mo

If you aren't playing already, make sure to head on over to Candid Carrie to check out what this Friday Foto Fiesta is all about.


Another Tuesday...

Another snow day...again?!

Well, I guess we'll just have to make the most of it.....



Those were the days my friend... And Random thoughts

Back when Jen was in High School she was in a play called Life on the Bowery. In it she played a traveling minstrel who sang the introduction to both acts of the play. The song she sang was Those Were The Days and it has been going through her head all day. Being our creator we have this weird osmosis thing going on and it is also in our heads. So today we wanted to reminisce on this past summer when we could play on the sunporch......

Those were the days, my friend; We thought they'd never end; We'd sing and dance forever and a day; We'd live the life we'd choose; We'd fight and never lose; Those were the days, oh yes, those were the days.....
So here we sit, two knit monkeys looking out into the cold weather and realize how good we really have it. It may be cold out there, but it is warm in our hearts and we have our memories to help us make it through the cold. Plus, it gives us time to plan some fun adventures. It is that time of year you know. And Guillermo has Calvin's blueprints for his transmogrifier..... I wonder if Hobbs or I can talk some sense into them before something goes terribly wrong.....


Friday Foto Finish 12.12.08 - Dance Minkee Dance!

So, have you ever wondered what these two guys would look like showing some holiday spirit?  Well, you get this little gem.  I hope you enjoy.  I highly recommend going to elfyourself.com for some good times.  If you aren't playing along (and you should be!) head on over to Candid Carrie's place and join in the fun!

Send your own ElfYourself 


Snowy day = Minkee play!

Well, G-mo and I have been snowed in all day...AGAIN! It's only December 9th, people!

Always trying to turn a frown upside-down, we got down to some serious grooming, sock-wearing, hooting it up around the house, the usual shenanagans. I turned on the radio to an oldies station and we did some dancing.

Then "Twist and Shout" came and Guillermo REALLY took off. I thought he was having some kind of seizure, but he had a snit-fit and said that he was 'doing The Twist'. Then he went off and pouted in the sock drawer. What a sensitive minkee...Jeez. So to make amends, I got onto the com-poo-ter and played "Twist and Shout" again (you can never have enough Beatles, right?) and told the G-man to knock himself out. He was outta that draw and dancing in seconds. It was quite a spectacle, let me tell you....like an Amish crack-smoker churning butter in a tornado.

I think we were starting to get on Brian's nerves. He made some veiled threat about "selling us to the monkey-house at the zoo", so we piped down a little, at least until he goes outside to shovel the driveway.

Holy Bananas...we just realized that Jen will have to drive HOME in this crappy weather! We hope she goes slow and gets home soon. Guillermo had the brilliant idea of making her some hot cocoa! She'll appreciate that!


Guillermo? Hmmmmm...guess he isn't though "Twisting" just yet. (sigh)


Minkee Geographic - That Crafty Bernardo!

Cue Mutual of Omaha music.....

Today on Minkee Geographic we observe two knit minkees in their natural habitat. This little mocha fella is named Guillermo. He looks awfully proud of his multi-colored stocking socks.
Here we see his minkee nemesis of the day Bernardo sneaking up on him. I wonder what he is planning on doing next?
It seems this crafty Bernardo was after one thing..... Those fetching stocking socks. He appears to have slipped them off without the mocha minkee noticing.....

The poor little Guillermo didn't even see it coming. What is a minkee to do with only one sock?
Apparently, Bernardo was crafty enough to grab the other stocking sock. I wonder if there will be retaliation on Minkee Geographic later tonight.
Tune in next week when we see how these two interact in their natural habitat on Minkee Geographic.

Cabin Fever

This totally sucks!  With winter settling in for the long haul we are forced to play inside, no sunporch for us.  We better make the most of it.

Being minkees we can usually make the most of a situation.  We tried out some balancing acts.  Good thing we are flexible, huh!  It was hard staying up here on Bernardo's head, but I managed.

Look what we found in the trash can just sitting there!  Well, this was hours worth of fun.  Well, not so much fun as getting stuck on our little noses.  (It did take Jen some time to 'reshape' our noses to their oh so perfect shape.)  What I wanted to do with the tube was make it into a fart cannon and put it up to peoples faces, but once again Bernardo pointed out I need to be known for my cuteness, not just my ability to stink up a room.  By the way, I can't believe that she laughed at us when she found us like this on the couch. 

Check out these ultra warm/cool sock outfits.  I think we may be wearing them all winter long if it stays this cold!  We had better call it a night.  One of our favorite yearly programs is on (The Librarian) and we want to get ready.  Jen already made us a nice warm cup of Chai to split and we are set for the night.  Minkees out!

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