Getting into the holiday spirit

Greetings all. It is that time again to get into the holiday spirit. We are really looking forward to getting some gifts ourselves. Of course, we did get our new bodies but we want more presents. We borrowed Jen's credit card and did some online shopping for her and Brian. We really hope they like bananas because we got them a bunch! Hopefully Jen, Brian and this mysterious 'Santa' fella will give us lots of gifts and toys to play with. We hear you have to write a letter to 'Santa' to tell him what we want. What should two knit minkees ask for?!?

Jen here..... Weather Moose, please disregard the minkees request for 50 feet of snow for Christmas. They really have no sense of measurements and don't understand what they have asked for. Please contact the weather gods and rescind their request..... pretty please.....



Oh, parents always love this request...ask Santa for a new baby brother or sister.


I'm a bike rider, so the first thing I thought of for you two was...

a bike built for two...

=) Merry Christmas minkees!


Your minkiee hats are so festive!


Your tiny hands look cold... ask for mittens. (to match the hats)


B & G sent a letter to the weather center here.

They want about 50 feet of snow.

I'm working on that.

Weather Moose

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