Adopt-a-minkee....for Ann

Hello Ann,

B-mo and G-mo here...it is nice to chat with you. Thanks for the props in your blog (Annsrandomblog.blogspot.com). You seem to be into the yoga/Ashtanga yoga as well! BG and Jen are nuts about it too, and we sometimes practice with them as well. We're naturally flexible (I mean, we ARE floppy minkees!!), but 5 Navasanas (check it out at around: 1:45 minutes) is enough to take the wind out of any one's sails. Except maybe for Guillermo...he ALWAYS has enough wind...for anything.

Fortunately, we managed to intercept your blog post about taking in the new minkee, before Jen and BG saw it.

Unfortunately, at this time, we are accepting no new minkee applications. We are very territorial about our owners/creators (tho Jen is the one who made us...BG didn't do SH*T! But he is cool, too), and only the rare stuffed minkee makes it into THESE digs, lemma tell ya. Nothing personal towards the new guy, but as the saying goes: "You buy it, YOU take care of it!" Believe me, our creators have their hands full with just the two of US!

Jen and BG said to tell you: Have a great holiday week!

They are grumpy at having missed yoga, and just the generally pissy weather, but they are nice people and wish everyone a great time. Be safe.

As for these two minkees: we are OUT!



Ha! OMG I think Kurt seriously threw away the baby minkee! I can't find him!!!

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