Those were the days my friend... And Random thoughts

Back when Jen was in High School she was in a play called Life on the Bowery. In it she played a traveling minstrel who sang the introduction to both acts of the play. The song she sang was Those Were The Days and it has been going through her head all day. Being our creator we have this weird osmosis thing going on and it is also in our heads. So today we wanted to reminisce on this past summer when we could play on the sunporch......

Those were the days, my friend; We thought they'd never end; We'd sing and dance forever and a day; We'd live the life we'd choose; We'd fight and never lose; Those were the days, oh yes, those were the days.....
So here we sit, two knit monkeys looking out into the cold weather and realize how good we really have it. It may be cold out there, but it is warm in our hearts and we have our memories to help us make it through the cold. Plus, it gives us time to plan some fun adventures. It is that time of year you know. And Guillermo has Calvin's blueprints for his transmogrifier..... I wonder if Hobbs or I can talk some sense into them before something goes terribly wrong.....


Swirl Girl

That's some deep monkey business!

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Judy Haley

silly knit monkeys crack me up

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