Snowy day = Minkee play!

Well, G-mo and I have been snowed in all day...AGAIN! It's only December 9th, people!

Always trying to turn a frown upside-down, we got down to some serious grooming, sock-wearing, hooting it up around the house, the usual shenanagans. I turned on the radio to an oldies station and we did some dancing.

Then "Twist and Shout" came and Guillermo REALLY took off. I thought he was having some kind of seizure, but he had a snit-fit and said that he was 'doing The Twist'. Then he went off and pouted in the sock drawer. What a sensitive minkee...Jeez. So to make amends, I got onto the com-poo-ter and played "Twist and Shout" again (you can never have enough Beatles, right?) and told the G-man to knock himself out. He was outta that draw and dancing in seconds. It was quite a spectacle, let me tell you....like an Amish crack-smoker churning butter in a tornado.

I think we were starting to get on Brian's nerves. He made some veiled threat about "selling us to the monkey-house at the zoo", so we piped down a little, at least until he goes outside to shovel the driveway.

Holy Bananas...we just realized that Jen will have to drive HOME in this crappy weather! We hope she goes slow and gets home soon. Guillermo had the brilliant idea of making her some hot cocoa! She'll appreciate that!


Guillermo? Hmmmmm...guess he isn't though "Twisting" just yet. (sigh)



Why thank you guys for the cocoa, it looks yummy! I will be extra careful on my way home today, it looks nasty out there.

By the way, I would love to see your rendition of Twist and Shout. Maybe you could teach me how to dance?


I absolutely love this blog. The Minkees are so cute and fun! Happy Holidays!!!

This Mom

It must be nice to have three great guys at home to take care of you, even if they do get into some mischief.

I wish we would get some more snow it makes it feel christmasy.


very cute and cuddlely minkees.

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