Tis the Season to be Minkee Fx4

We minkees love the holidays. And with 'Death Storm 2008' heading our way what better way to spend our day than dressing up in some holiday get ups.
Hopefully our cuteness will take everyones minds off of the horrific weather coming our way. It looks like up to 3/4" of ice accumulation with up to 8 inches of snow on top, yuck. However, these storms have a tendency to miss us almost completley. Let's hope!

To continue on with the holiday spirit we would like to leave you with a little ditty:

Well the weather outside is frightful
But being a minkee is delightful
And since there's no place to go
Let's play a while with G-mo

It's so cold outside the winds biting
So good thing we have a wii for fighting
Bernardo grab the wii control
and play a while with G-mo

When Jen finally tucks us in goodnight,
With our nightcaps on real tight
Off to our cleft we'll go
And listen to the snores of G-mo

The night is slowly dying,
And Jen is still a blogging
But as long as you love us so
Happy Holidays from B-Man and G-Mo

If you aren't playing already, make sure to head on over to Candid Carrie to check out what this Friday Foto Fiesta is all about.



Very cute!!

Candid Carrie

Oh my gosh, you wrote the cutest little minkee diddy! I love it!

We've got Death Storm Watch 2008 going on right now. We are in the 10 to 12 inch range ... my new favorite word combination is Thunder Snow! A fun way to say rapid accumulation.

Now, if only it could linger so my inlaws wouldn't be coming over here on Sunday, hmmmm.


Okay, now THAT is just too cute. You guys sure know how to have fun during the snowstorm.

This Mom

Your song totally seemed like a tribute to Carrie.

I love their holidsy outfits.

We got 5 good inches of snow here today and are expecting to be DUMPED on again Friday.

The tink that stinks is I really need to go to the market and hate to go out in it with a baby and 4 yr old.

Jess @ NBP

Thanks for the little ditty.



Holy cow! Hope you don't get too much ice!!!!
Stay warm minkees!


HAHAHAHA! Love the ditty :) And those hats are adorable!

Matt's Miscellany

Awesome....you're so creative. Good job!!

Mama Dawg

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays wee minkees!


Very Cute! Happy Holidays!

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