Bad Jen... NO!

Here I am lying out in the sun.  It is so warm and toasty, you would think I am working on my tan.  Nope!
I am drying out!  I am so mad at Jen right now, no apology will do.  She has lost minkee privileges for 2 days!
I know it is harsh, but what would you do in my situation?  She spilled a beer on my lower body and legs Monday night!!!!!  I had to be rushed to the sink and 'Rinsed'!  I just had my weekly suds and bubbles and then that!  Not to mention the smell!  I was rinsed several times, my butt sniffed for odor (and yes, I blew *ss on her once or twice to let her know I am mad!), and then rinsed some more.  You want to know the most humiliating part?!?  I    was    sprayed    with    Fabreez!!!!!  I no longer smell like a minkee.  I feel humiliated and Jen should be too!  I am going to go lay in the sun some more to make sure I am completely dried out!

Jen here.  Guillermo for the hundredth time, I am truly sorry.  Please give me minkee privileges back.  I didn't mean to do spill on you.

At least it wasn't wine.....



G-man, you're lucky she didn't pitch your beery butt into the washing machine to spin out the extra moisture.


I can smell you from way over here, Gmo. Peee Yeeew!


ooops! Beer can be a little exotic, just like minkees.

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