All is forgiven... Now on to New Years Eve festivities.

We thought all was ruined earlier today after the 'incident'.  However a package came in the mail from Candid Carrie,  one of Jen's bloggy friends and all has now been forgiven.  Check out this shwag!  We are going to be the kings of the New Years Eve party tonight.

Apparently Carrie is from the land of cheese.  We were told that there are rituals up in Wisconsin where people put cheese on their heads for this thing called 'foot ball'.   While we have no idea what this 'foot ball' thing is we love to wear things on our heads so all is good!
We look super cool in these so we had to give you a couple of close ups to show off this awesome shwag!  We look superawesome!!!!!
Bernardo is now property of the Packers.  Whatever that means.  Brian had some comments about that but Jen stopped him.  He was being 'inappropriate'.  Whatever, we think its cool!
I think we will use this new cup to sip our midnight Champagne.  Or maybe Jen will share a Mimosa?!?  

We better get going so we can help Jen in the kitchen finishing up goodies for tonight's get together.  We are getting ready for some friends, music, chatting, yoga (it always happens) and some wii Snowboarding fun!

Whatever your plans are, have a safe Happy New Year!

See you next year!


Candid Carrie

I am seriously get a work out with my abdominal laughter. The land of cheese? Hell's Bells we are next door to youse guys! I have never seen the minkees sport any garments from da bears (no upper case necessary) ;)


OH NO!! Don't let Gmo cut the cheese! Run for your lives!!!!!

Mama Dawg

Happy New Year Minkees!


Oh, the minkees are stylin' with the cheese heads.

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