Playing with winter clothes Fx4

Jen should have learned by now not to leave a scarf or sweater out where a minkee can find them! We decided to take a few photos of ourselves donned in these lovely winter warmers..

This first one is of Jen's ultra warm and comfy cardigan. We sometimes like to play in the sleeves. One time she didn't know we were in there when she went to put it on. You should have seen her jump when G-mo farted on her hand!

Being minkees we always like to keep it real. It is just fun to play sometimes!

Here we are rockin' the blue mohair and wool scarf. Don't we look fetching?!?

How about this pink fuzzy number... It makes us feel empowered, wonder why?

Guillermo likes to rock the scarf from India. He thinks he is minkee of Arabia!

Oh yes, Jen did make the blue and pink scarves all by herself. She is such a talented human, every minkee should have one to play with!

Speaking of playing, make sure to check out Candid Carrie's Fx4. It is a fun time for all!


Hippie Family...

not that I am concered that you minkees are cross dressers, but I hope your not going comando in Jen's scarves :)


Minkees sure are cute. :) HAPPY Fx4


As adorable as always!


I want that India scarf. Looks warm!


Ahhh,nothing like warm meenkys to make me feel good!


Good job on the scarves--they look great! I don't blame the minkees for wearing all the warm clothes--it's freaking freezing!!


Minkee of Arabia...yes, I see it, I do!


Love the Minkees!
Happy Friday!


Hope Your all warm! (:

Candid Carrie

I love the bottom picture! The one where they are in the sweater sleeve is really funny to me because sometimes I put on a sweater and the dryer sheet springs out and that scares the heck out of me. I can't imagine if something with eyes came flying out !

PS -- With all that gas, is helping to keep your heating bills low?

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