Minkee Geographic - That Crafty Bernardo!

Cue Mutual of Omaha music.....

Today on Minkee Geographic we observe two knit minkees in their natural habitat. This little mocha fella is named Guillermo. He looks awfully proud of his multi-colored stocking socks.
Here we see his minkee nemesis of the day Bernardo sneaking up on him. I wonder what he is planning on doing next?
It seems this crafty Bernardo was after one thing..... Those fetching stocking socks. He appears to have slipped them off without the mocha minkee noticing.....

The poor little Guillermo didn't even see it coming. What is a minkee to do with only one sock?
Apparently, Bernardo was crafty enough to grab the other stocking sock. I wonder if there will be retaliation on Minkee Geographic later tonight.
Tune in next week when we see how these two interact in their natural habitat on Minkee Geographic.


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