Best Christmas Present EVER... KNIT BEER!!!!

Jen is turning into quite the little knitter.  This year for Christmas she knit her pops the only thing he would ever want knit.... a beer!  He looks pleasantly surprised, doesn't he!  Her da is going to take it to work and sit it on his desk since there are 'rules' about drinking at work.  Kent is going to be sooo jealous!  (and yes it was packaged in a brown paper sack!)
Being a minkee blog we had to pose with the beer.
And Jen had to drink the beer.
And Bernardo joined in the fun!
We better stop G-mo before he gets wasted.....
I wonder if Jen can knit a few minkee sized brews for us.....



knit beer?

Best. Gift. Ever.

This Mom

I LIVE IT!!!! My hubby would totally put one on his desk at work too.


This is a RIOT! You constantly crack me up.


I will have to send my daughter to your blog. She has developed a fondness for knitting.


Hahaha. This is hilarious!

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