Playing with snap seed

Jen got a new iPhone ap called Snapseed. It is super fun and allows us to take photos and add cool features. Check out our gussy upped portrait.


Hair tie fiesta!

Well, Jen and Brian have been doing this six day Ashtangi challenge and they have left us at home with nothing to do.

It is too cold to play on the sun porch and we can only watch fish swim for so long. So we made our way to the bathroom and found Jen's stash of hair ties.....

We are curious little minkees you know.....



Brr it's cold out there!

We can't wait for January to be over! This is the view today.....


Day 2 - what we wore today

So for our day 2 challenge we had to take a photo of something we wore. So we present you with a close up of our unders.....


Self Portrait

We are trying a 30 day photo challenge. Day 1 is self portraits. How did we do?


Happy new year, a bit late...

We had quite the celebration New Year's Eve! Lots of hooting and hollering was had by all. Our creator and her hubby let us ring in the year with the bubbly!

Our resolution for 2013 - more monkey posts!!!!

See you soon!

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