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I am in no way surprised to come home to find this waiting for me on the couch:

See, in honor of our 200th post  (actually due to some pilling issues, and yarn thinning)  I am in the process of recreating the dynamic duo.  I planned on working on them tonight, but I jammed my right pinky finger and am having a hard time typing, let alone knitting.  

A bit of trivia for you.  If you look at older posts of Guillermo, he is different even from this Guillermo.  He is now in his third version.  See, I made them when I was a new knitter and didn't know how to knit very well (let alone piece an animal together).  Now with all this practice I have gotten much better.  I will be curious to see if you can tell the difference once the upgrades are complete.

By the way, notice how much longer the yarn for Bernardo is?!?  I am sure G-Mo noticed as well.....


So, that happened

Jen here.....

So, at work, I have been at a data training for the last 2 days. Being a computer (or just plain) nerd I got a lot out of the discussions and learned a lot about my school. We analyzed data from students with disabilities, low SES (socio ecomomic status), gender, race, etc. It was quite fascinating to see how our students percive their teachers, school climate and their education.

Here's the thing. On Thursday, I had a pack of small blue sticky notes (I borrowed/found at work). I am one of those anal retentive people who don't like to write on the actual paper until I know that the information is 100% accurate. I got to the inservice today and my sticky notes were gone. I had to borrow them from someone else (who is also anal retentive like me). When I came home, I found out where they went.

Go figure. Minkees are curious creatures! I should have known better than to leave something like that out that could be found.....

By the way, it was awesome! We had the greatest time playing with those stickies. We hid them so we could play with them later. Shhhh, don't tell Jen.....

Friday Foto Finish 9.26

Oooohhhhh, we have our 200th post today. We must find a way to celebrate!

Today for Candid Carries Fx4 we thought we would post a foto of our favorite Peace Corp volunteer who met our uncle in Morocco.

Apparently, N ran across a relative of ours on his travels. Look how polite he is to shake hands with a complete stranger. Maybe not so much a stranger. We use our banana power to help identify friendly folks so our relatives don't get overly friendly (or fling poo). Well, he seems like a very friendly monkey's uncle! Thanks for visiting.

If you have any celebration ideas, send them our way. Leave a comment or email at monkeyqanda at gmail dot com.


While Jen is away, the minkees do play!

Is it time for parent teacher conferences?  No, those are in two weeks.  Has there been volleyball and football games after school?  No?  Must be a lot of parent meetings.  Yes, that's it.  Too bad for her.  She looks busy when she gets home.  We think she needs more naps!   

She's gone, we play!!!!!

Well, in her absence, we decided to play with the new lanterns Jen got to hang out on the sunporch for the next time they host game night.  We have to play with them now because we aren't allowed to play out there when company is over.  Unless its N, but he's in Morocco for a while, so I guess that won't be happening any time soon.

It is more fun staying inside anyway.  Who wants to play heroclix or zombies?!?  We get shut in the bedroom with full access to the sock drawer!!!

Hope they have company soon!

By the way, make sure to stop by on Friday for Candid Carrie's Fx4.  There won't be a picture of us this week, but the elusive N who met our uncle in Morocco.  He looks like a nice fella!


Saucing it up!

Jen has had her nose stuck in a book ALL weekend long.  You really need to finish the Twilight series and give us more bloggy time!!! Can't a minkee get some love around here!?!  Jen, we're bored.  Give a minkee something to do!

I guess that's all it took to get some minkee attention around here.  She was nice enough to let us help make the 'sauuuccccceeee' for dinner.  We helped make a fresh tomato sauce to top some cooked pasta.

We were thoughtful enough to leave out the green pepper because we know it gives Jen heartburn!  We don't want her to be uncomfortable (o.k., it isn't really in the sauce, we just wanted to be good little minkees!

Do you have too many tomatoes coming out of your garden this time of year?  Try this recipe.  It is delicious.  (Make sure your helpers are well protected.  I don't recommend letting a knit animal dicing the tomatoes, it gets pretty messy!

Fresh Tomato Sauce

4 tomatoes ~ diced

3 cloves garlic ~ minced

1/2 handful of fresh basil~ chopped

1/4 c. EVOO

Salt and Pepper to taste

1/4 c. Parmesan (you can add it to the sauce or use as garnish)

Leave out at room temperature for at least 2 hours, serve over cooked pasta

This recipe can also be used to make bruschetta* as well.  I usually add about 1/4c. white onion if I am making bruschetta. 

* Bruschetta is simply a loaf of French/Vienna bread (or whatever you choose) toasted, with the sauce served on top.  I like to use my panini maker to get the bread even and flat. 

Delicious!  Minkees out!

Let us know if you give it a try.  We are always curious how our recipes go over.


Friday Foto Finish 9.19 Minkee Business

We are up to some minkee business and business is good.  Did you know that today is national talk like a pirate day!!!!????!!!!

So, in tribute we give you this little photo for Candid Carries Fx4.  It is always fun to play along.

See how much bootie we snagged from Jen's jewelry chest. We are rich little minkees now!  What are we going to do with all this swag?!? 

An added bonus, here are some of our favorite pirate saying:

  • Arrrrg
  • Ahoy ye maties
  • Monkey ( a small cannon.  Really, it is!)
  • Poop Deck
  • Landlubber
  • Powder Monkey
  • Grog
  • Dungbie (rear end...)
  • "I have to faaaarrrrrt"
Ah, the list could go on and on.....

And, as promised:  What were we wearing on our ears in this post..... Babybell Cheese Rind.  Jen likes to take mini cheeses to work.  Perfect size for lunch.  What else are they perfect for?  Minkee ears!

Now, we are off to put all the bootie back (after we try it all on).  We can be good little minkees, when we try.  Let's play!


Hi Jen!!

News update from MBC (Monkee Broadcasting.....yea, you got it, genius!):

Jen sounds busy at work, so we thought we would send her a quick self portrait or two to cheer her up!

Man, this little camera is hard to work with these big minkee paws!

Oh well, these suck.

Hi Jen!


We are ready!

As most of you know, we are HUGE Food Network fans.  One of the things we like to do to get ready to watch some of our favorite shows is dig in the kitchen gadget drawer and play around for a while to set the mood.

Guillermo is playing with the ducky scrubber, Bernardo is donning a cheese grater.  But the true question is what are on their ears?  Take a guess.  I bet you won't get it.  The answer will be revealed on Friday during Candid Carrie's fx4 post.  See you then.  Or on tomorrows post.


We're Alive!!!!

Well, as alive as two knit monkeys can be!

We are actually quite lucky!  If you read about our antics yesterday, you would understand why we were in so much trouble.  Check it out Part 1; Part 2.  We kinda deserved Jen's anger, we did take the headboard apart.  Luckily we came through unharmed.  The worst part was that we weren't allowed to watch our favorite show, DDD, and Guillermo couldn't put any "Sauce on it".  We also now have rules that we have to follow for the next two days.  It really sucks, but like we said we deserved it (is that enough times saying it?  Sorry.  We are just curious little minkees)

Here are the rules:

  1. No Hats :(
  2. No Food Network (so we can't put any sauce anywhere)
  3. No executive suites.  I guess we did destroy them.
  4. No playing in the laundry
  5. No playing with anything from the tool box EVER AGAIN
  6. And we have to be beer monkeys for the next two days.  One of them wants a brew, we have to go and get it.
It is going to be a rough couple of days, but we can manage.  I think we got off a little easily for what we did.  We learned our lesson.  Now, lets watch some T.V.

AAAAAWWWWW, Jen left us the wrong remote.  D*MN IT, now we have to crawl to the t.v.  Maybe Brian will hook us up before he goes to work.


Abort Mission, I repeat abort mission!

Oh, Sh*t!  Jen is going to be home any minute from the volleyball game.  We left the executive suites a mess!  Abort mission, repeat abort mission!!! I am going to hide!  When she sees the mess we made today, there is going to be hell to pay!  I hope she doesn't find me!

I am going to try for the cute angle!  She can't be mad at me, look how adorable I am in her shirt.  One look at me and she is going to say mess, smess!  We'll be fine!
Jen here!  OMG boyz what did you do to the bedroom?!?  Why is the headboard taken apart?!?  How did you get those tools!  Do I have to start locking the cupboard?!?  You get in there and clean up that mess before I unmake you!  That's right, I have a seam ripper and I am not afraid to use it!

Um..... ladies and gentlemen......  We will be back for tomorrows post (hopefully.  Love you Jen)  We have some serious cleaning up to do and we may be busy for quite some time.  See you tomorrow.  (that way, we have witnesses in case we don't show up again)

Macho, macho, minkees

Macho, macho, minkees.... We want to be some macho minkees.....
Macho, macho, minkess.  We have to be a macho....
Sorry, we were channelling the Village Minkees
B-man and G-mo here.  While Jen is away at work today we are going to do some construction around the house.  We were thinking of making some cosmetic additions to our executive suites.  We may live a plush life, but as all spoiled celebrities, we feel that we need some useless additions just to make us feel more important.  We were thinking of maybe putting together some bunk beds (G-mo does NOT get the top bunk by the way).  I hope she doesn't mind.  I am sure she won't.  Let's get to work.


"f"ing minkees!

Every time I get up from my comfy chair and leave the room, this happens.  
It was cute at first, look at a close up of their little mugs.  However, now I find it a wee bit annoying.
What amazes me the most is how quickly my husband can get these guys into this position.  He must have hypersonic speed and stealth powers.  I am amazed that I can walk to the kitchen to get a beverage and turn around and there they are.  I never actually technically leave the sight of the chair.  Oh, well.  I signed on for this once I started blogging about their adventures.  I encouraged him.  At least he uses his powers for good.


Friday Foto Finish 9.12

It's time again my faithful friends to talk of many things.  Of sealing wax.....  Wait, I just entered Wonderland for a moment.  What I wanted to do was enter Candid Carrie's Friday Foto Finish Fiesta. Make sure you scroll all the way down.  I owned up to the missing section on my post from last week......  I wonder what you'll see.....

I have been meaning to post a lovely photo of my minkees and I wearing matching hats.  There's have White Stripes (not the band), mine is just black and brown.  There's came from the sock drawer, mine came from India.  It is surprisingly warm!
If you've ever been here before, you know how much my husband likes to leave the minkees in funny positions for me to find.  Here is the front view.
And here they are from the back.  You can see their little minkee butts contoured by the awesomely warm hat.






We have a sighting!  I repeat, we have a sighting.  Call the paparazzi, we have a Jen/Creator sighting.  Maybe one day you will see my whole face.  Maybe......  I don't know if I can take the stalking.


Spooky Minkees

What is going on here?!?

We were just hanging out in the chair earlier today and this strange thing happened.  We got all kinds of fuzzy and light was bending all around us.  Guillermo thought that we were being abducted by aliens.  We are so cute and cuddly that creatures from another world would want to smuggle a little minkee away on their trans galactic voyages.  Or so that's what Guillermo believes.  I know the truth!  Jen is planning on recreating us with this new yarn we are holding, so our minkee souls were being transferred to the new yarn (in small doses) so that when the conversion is complete we will be the exact same as we were before.  Either that or Guillermo had one of his super duper farts.  It was pretty smelly.  You decide.


Golden Monkey

You asked for it folks, photos of the two of us enjoying adult beverages.  This particular one is a hearty brew called Golden Monkey.  Yes ladies and gents, they named a beer after us!  It is quite tasty, but there is one problem.  It has 11.4% alcohol.  After a few sips we started to feel a little funny.  I think we'll give the rest to Jen and Brian.  We have to be wide awake when our show comes on tonight.  We love us some Diners, Drive-ins and Dives.  Do you know why we love it so much?  It isn't the host (who has really funny hair).  It isn't the restaurants.  It is the fact that periodically throughout the show they "PUT SOME SAUCE ON IT!!!!!!!!"  We really don't get out much, its the little things in life that make us happy.  

As a side note, do you see the ball of yarn by G-mo's butt?  Do you think that would make a nice new scarf for a monkey?  Maybe Santa can make a monkey one for Christmas?  Or, should we keep our same old scarves?  Just putting out the feelers.

I like big butts

After my post on Candid Carries Fx4, she left me another one of her song renditions based on I Like Big Butts. I always love her songs, and this one just takes the cake. Enjoy!

I like minkee butts and I can not lie

You other bloggers can't deny

That when a minkee walks in with an itty bitty face

And sticks his minkee butt up in your space

You get sprung

Wanna pull up tough

Cuz you notice that butt was stuffed

By Jen, she's the creator

Stuffin' minkees like double baked potaters

Oh, baby I wanna get with ya

And take my picture

Other bloggers tried to warn me

But that minkee butt looks so swarmy

Candid Carrie Out! Word!

And now commence with more monkey butts!

If you would like to see another one of Carrie's song stylings check out the Kung Fo Minkees. I see why she likes Idol so much. She's a natural!


Where did they go?

Jen here.  I was going to let the monkeys blog today, but I couldn't find them anywhere (hee, hee).  I thought I heard utterances of "put some sauce on it" coming from the box on the chair and a foul odor every once in a while would emanate from the same general area, but I just couldn't find them.  But I must say what a nice quiet day I have had today.  Got a lot of work done, did some knitting, read a while.  All in all I had a nice day.

What, I hear something..... "Jeeeeeeeeeeeeennnnnnnnnnnn, Iron Chef is almost on.  Can we come out of the box yet?  We have been hiding all day.  It's time to put some sauce on it"

Oh, I guess monkeys.  It is about that time of the night.  Just give us an hour fart free, please.  (I know it isn't going to happen, but I can always hope, right?)

I wonder what is in store tomorrow?


Friday Foto Finish 9.05

This week our entry for Candid Carries Fx4 is this little number.  I took this photo a long time ago.  That's me with the very nice plush pants, Guillermo butt in air (probably floating an air biscuit) Bernardo passed out from the odor and the fruity drink my hubby was a chuggin'.  (a lot of our photos involve alcohol somewhere in the photos with the minkees.  I never know if I should post them.  Makes us look like heavy drinkers.)   I just love this pic and have yet to use it.  Thanks to Carrie, I now have a reason!  If you look closely you can see the piercings G-mo has from an earlier post.

Initially I wanted to do a photo of me and the boyz in matching hats, but I had to settle for this number.  I couldn't find Bernardo's hat to post today, so hopefully it will air next week.  The pic of me is rather funny.  Yes ladies and gents, next week will be a rare glimpse of the one the minkees call creator.  Come back to quell your curiosity.

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