Hide and Seek

With the extra long weekend, we decided that we needed to have some fun and play a few games.  We played pool for a while in the basement, and switched it up to some ping pong action later in the day.  We also played Jen and Brian in a fantastic game of poker, but I lost all my chips in the first two hands and threw a fit (no poo though, especially after last week)  Lastly, we decided to play hide and seek.  

For a little fun, lets play Eye-spy.  I spy two knit minkees (one of which is stinkee), a giraffe, 7 flying animals, 3 dogs, a skunk, a squirrel and a red nosed ape.  Good luck, they are all actually in there.

Now, lets hope Jen and Brian find us soon so we can play with them next.  Plus one of our favorite shows is on tonight, and we need to put some sauuuuuuccccceeeeee on it!!!!!



Took me a few seconds but I found you guys in that pile 'o friends.

Candid Carrie

Look how the cream rises to the top ;)

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