I like big butts

After my post on Candid Carries Fx4, she left me another one of her song renditions based on I Like Big Butts. I always love her songs, and this one just takes the cake. Enjoy!

I like minkee butts and I can not lie

You other bloggers can't deny

That when a minkee walks in with an itty bitty face

And sticks his minkee butt up in your space

You get sprung

Wanna pull up tough

Cuz you notice that butt was stuffed

By Jen, she's the creator

Stuffin' minkees like double baked potaters

Oh, baby I wanna get with ya

And take my picture

Other bloggers tried to warn me

But that minkee butt looks so swarmy

Candid Carrie Out! Word!

And now commence with more monkey butts!

If you would like to see another one of Carrie's song stylings check out the Kung Fo Minkees. I see why she likes Idol so much. She's a natural!


Candid Carrie

Golly Gosh, Jen! Without your minkee butt inspiration, I might have been able to get some actual housework done yesterday!


I just want to pinch them!

This Mom

I cannot decide which I think is cuter thier buts or thier faces. But this post made my morning.

Mama Dawg

Oh, crap. Now that rendition of the song is stuck in my head. Thanks, B, G and Carrie.

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