We are ready!

As most of you know, we are HUGE Food Network fans.  One of the things we like to do to get ready to watch some of our favorite shows is dig in the kitchen gadget drawer and play around for a while to set the mood.

Guillermo is playing with the ducky scrubber, Bernardo is donning a cheese grater.  But the true question is what are on their ears?  Take a guess.  I bet you won't get it.  The answer will be revealed on Friday during Candid Carrie's fx4 post.  See you then.  Or on tomorrows post.



A cut up egg carton?


Damn, Jen...that's a tough one, especially when you can't bring up the picture "full-scale".

SO: I will give a hint.

Minkees love the fruit.
But sometimes they can't handle the (g)rind.



I am going to guess lemon halves on each ear???


Romi & Missy- not even close

BG- No fair giving a hint (especially the last few lines)! But, maybe it will help some people get on the right track.

Mama Dawg

I have no clue. I'll tune in tomorrow to find out.

Tsosie and Peterson Bunch

I don't think they're lemons. I think they are measureing cups or spoons.

Candid Carrie

Alright, I am thinking melon baller but I don't know what that has to do with dairy.

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