Friday Foto Finish 9.05

This week our entry for Candid Carries Fx4 is this little number.  I took this photo a long time ago.  That's me with the very nice plush pants, Guillermo butt in air (probably floating an air biscuit) Bernardo passed out from the odor and the fruity drink my hubby was a chuggin'.  (a lot of our photos involve alcohol somewhere in the photos with the minkees.  I never know if I should post them.  Makes us look like heavy drinkers.)   I just love this pic and have yet to use it.  Thanks to Carrie, I now have a reason!  If you look closely you can see the piercings G-mo has from an earlier post.

Initially I wanted to do a photo of me and the boyz in matching hats, but I had to settle for this number.  I couldn't find Bernardo's hat to post today, so hopefully it will air next week.  The pic of me is rather funny.  Yes ladies and gents, next week will be a rare glimpse of the one the minkees call creator.  Come back to quell your curiosity.



Awwww, they look like sleeping little angels. 0:)

Hippie Family...

this is cute.. but it does not get you out of the matching hat photo :D we will wait for that one.. and stalk you if we don't see it soon


I vote more drunk photos!

Mama Dawg

I love monkey butts.

I agree with Lauren...more drunk photos!


Drunk and monkey butt pictures!! More please:-) Hee, hee, hee.


Happy Fx4!! LOL AIR BISCUIT!! funny

Lex the mom

Bwahaha! The air biscuit got me - but so did the look of Bernardo passed out on the stool. Too cute & funny!


I'm on the drunk monkey/butt team!


Coming in from Candid Carrie!! Great pictures. TFS!


Can't wait to cure my curiosity! lol! I love the new header!


Love it! I have never heard "floating an air biscuit" before - Too Funny!


Don't be afraid to show the party pictures!!!
Love the monkey butt!


Looks like the minkees got to the missing alcohol in this picture:-)


Cute Minkee butt!
And yes...I am curious about the one they call creator! I'll be back!

Candid Carrie

I like minkee butts and I can not lie

You other bloggers can't deny

That when a minkee walks in with an itty bitty face

And sticks his minkee butt up in your space

You get sprung

Wanna pull up tough

Cuz you notice that butt was stuffed

By Jen, she's the creator

Stuffin' minkees like double baked potaters

Oh, baby I wanna get with ya

And take my picture

Other bloggers tried to warn me

But that minkee butt looks so swarmy

Candid Carrie Out

This Mom

Okay I am having a slow day I first thought that the boys had been drinking but I know that they don't do well with that. You and Brian are grown up (at least the last time I checked) drink all you want.

By the way Peanut is slowly getting better. As long as I give her the SUPER benadryl her hives are in check if not they come back. I really would like to figure out where they are coming from. Oh and she is teething as well. FUN FUN at our house.

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