Friday Foto Finish 9.26

Oooohhhhh, we have our 200th post today. We must find a way to celebrate!

Today for Candid Carries Fx4 we thought we would post a foto of our favorite Peace Corp volunteer who met our uncle in Morocco.

Apparently, N ran across a relative of ours on his travels. Look how polite he is to shake hands with a complete stranger. Maybe not so much a stranger. We use our banana power to help identify friendly folks so our relatives don't get overly friendly (or fling poo). Well, he seems like a very friendly monkey's uncle! Thanks for visiting.

If you have any celebration ideas, send them our way. Leave a comment or email at monkeyqanda at gmail dot com.


Mama Dawg

That's a great pic!

I think you guys should do a montage of photos of you guys acting out the hit show "Lost".


So cute.

Glenda, saved by grace

good picture and by the way happy blog b-day!


Happy 200th post you adorable minkees!


Congratulations on your 200th post!! What a huge accomplishment!!!


Happy 200th post.. Wow. I think I have 20 lol.

Lex the mom

Very cool picture! I wouldn't mind meeting a cousin or two of yours.

Oh yeah - a cousin of yours flung poo at a friend of mine because the monkey hub was flirting with my friend! Trust me, my friend had no interest in the monkey hubby!


That is a very cute picture my friends! Monkey's Uncle hahahaha


That's awesome!


lol! That is sweet...nice pick of the UNCLE! :)


That is so funny. And I am happy to say that I have have never had poo flung at me...by monkeys, at least.

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