Hi Jen!!

News update from MBC (Monkee Broadcasting.....yea, you got it, genius!):

Jen sounds busy at work, so we thought we would send her a quick self portrait or two to cheer her up!

Man, this little camera is hard to work with these big minkee paws!

Oh well, these suck.

Hi Jen!



You should open a Myspace account with these pics


So funny! I just tried my hand at making a "Sock Bear" for my twin daughters & Oh MY!, that is tough work & they are not handsome or pretty but will do!

This Mom

I just love the close ups. You can just hear them saying,"I'm ready for my close up DARRLING."


Awww, you guys even changed the computer wallpaper to the third pic. How sweet.

By the way, I can't check this from work anymore, but do get to comments e-mail. This clears up a lot of confusion!

Jen out! Nap time.

Candid Carrie

I love picture three!


Way too cute!

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