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I am in no way surprised to come home to find this waiting for me on the couch:

See, in honor of our 200th post  (actually due to some pilling issues, and yarn thinning)  I am in the process of recreating the dynamic duo.  I planned on working on them tonight, but I jammed my right pinky finger and am having a hard time typing, let alone knitting.  

A bit of trivia for you.  If you look at older posts of Guillermo, he is different even from this Guillermo.  He is now in his third version.  See, I made them when I was a new knitter and didn't know how to knit very well (let alone piece an animal together).  Now with all this practice I have gotten much better.  I will be curious to see if you can tell the difference once the upgrades are complete.

By the way, notice how much longer the yarn for Bernardo is?!?  I am sure G-Mo noticed as well.....


Mama Dawg

Such pervy little minkees.

This Mom

ANd here I thought this was a family channel.JK

Naughty Minkees


G-Mo's "yarn" has a circulation problem in the middle.


Made me think of the Million Dollar Man. "We can rebuild him, stronger, faster..."


Wow. Well endowed.
What do you do with the Minkees that retire?


I think a distant relative of your lives at my house...


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